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Jan 29, 2011 07:40 AM

Le Creuset - fit of the lid

Cooking on the stove top I noticed that steam was streaming out in one area. Is this a bad sign? Should I exchange it?

I was a tad worried about the fit of the lid when I bought it. You could press in one area and make it rock but the SA assured me it was fine. I'd appreciate your advice though!


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  1. My lid fits tight, that's the beauty of lecreuset and I even think I bought mine (20 years ago) at an outlet..

    1. There have been previous discussions of this. Since it is porcelain over cast iron, it will never have the tightness of a stainless steel top so it will allow steam to escape, especially at a boil. I sold LC for years, it is not steam tight.

      1. Next time you cook try rotating the lid to get a better fit. Staub cast iron pieces have little nubs on the lid to let some steam out. Without any steam coming out you would have more of a pressure cooker. LC's lids are not airtight and some steam should come out.

        1. If it rocks I would return it or get a replacement from the manufacturer. If it sits flat, but allows air to escape, that's ok.