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Jan 29, 2011 07:10 AM

Lecce suggestions asked

This will be my last request -- at least for Italy -- for a while. You folks at Chowhound have been and now are a great help. THANKS!

I’ll be in Lecce next month for two days, and I’d welcome Chowhounds' judgement of the restaurants below – taken from Michelin, Fred Plotkin, and posts on Chowhound. I’d welcome also any further suggestions. I'm looking for fine dining and/or local cuisine.

These three restaurants are most frequently mentioned:
-- Alle Due Corti
-- Osteria Degli Spiriti
-- Cusina Casereccia, which seems very small. Would the proprietor welcome someone who came solo?

Also mentioned from various and sundry sources are:
-- Mamma Lupa
-- Borgo Antico
-- Picton
-- Da Guido & Figli
-- Barbablu
-- Alvino bar and caffe
-- Gelateria Natale
-- Avio for coffee

I also need recommendations for a good bakery in Lecce to buy a loaf to eat on the ferry to Greece.

As always, thanks.

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  1. When you say: Cusina Casereccia, do you mean Trattoria Casereccio Le Zie? It's an amazing place.

    I've eaten at Osteria Degli Spiriti and it's VERY good. But I found it a little more snooty than I would have expected as the menu was pretty simple: fave e cicoria, pasta con cime di Rapa, polpette. We got the antipasto della casa and they just bring out plate after plate of delicious items and don't stop until you TELL THEM TO! It was very very good. When I say snooty, I mean white table cloths and the like. The waitress was nice enough.

    If I remember correctly, Da guido has a restaurant section as well as Self-service place. I'm told by a local (cousin) that it's awesome. And actually he's the one who recommended the two previous places to me as well.

    1. Sid: I had ann excellent dinner at Cucina Casareccia last fall, and I highly recommend. While I was not solo, I would guess that the congenial proprietors would have no problem with a single diner. The place is so homey, it feels as if you are eating in someone's living room.

      Here and elsewhere in Puglia, I would also recommend bypassing the written menu and asking for recommendations...
      I wrote about a few of my dinners in Puglia, including the one at Le Zie, here:

      1. adding links - the first is a bakery recommendation for you, Sid.

        Alle Due Corte
        Via Leonardo Prato 42, Corte dei Giugni 1, Lecce, Puglia 73100, IT

        Cucina Casareccia
        Via Costadura 19, Lecce, Puglia , IT

        Osteria degli Spiriti
        Via Cesare Battisti, 4, Lecce, Puglia 73100, IT

        Panificio Osvaldo Conte
        Via Costadura,28, Lecce, Puglia , IT

        Guido e Figli (da Guido)
        Viale 25 Luglio, 14, Lecce, Puglia , IT