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Jan 29, 2011 02:12 AM

Speaking of about Seoul Restaurant in New Haven, CT

I have wanted to try this place out for years. Have always walked by and it always smells good. I know nothing about Korean food so help me, please. Thanks!

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  1. My sons teach English is Seoul and we visit each year. Living in Maine, it is difficult to find "authentic" Korean food. Soul Restaurant, however, is the best I have found outside of NYC (We rarely go to Boston.) I was taken to Seoul Restaurant a year and a half ago by Dogracs. The bulgogi is made right at the table as it should be. Instead of So Ju, ask for the 100 year wine (If you drink it you live to be 100.), a mix of so ju and plum wine. I know Dogracs did a detailed post in July/August of 2009 on the old New England board.
    edit.: Got the link. Thanks, Dogracs.

    1. You know, it's not half-bad. The Korean people who run it are very nice and the food is okay. Still, W 32nd St in NYC is not that far away . . .. BTW, it you want bibimbap, go to Sushi on Chapel just a few blocks away . . . it's excellent there.

      1. Agree, it's not bad, very friendly staff and nice atmosphere in the restaurant. My main gripe is that they don't have a lunch menu, and I work nearby, so really wish they did. That is, they are open for lunch, but charge full dinner prices for everything; has been hard for me to justify $13 for a bimbimbap for lunch. Waitress (owner?) didn't seem to understand that lower priced lunch menu would drive more business; pretty emtpy most times I've walked by at noon.

        On the bright side, nearby on Cedar street across from the Hospital there are a plethora of lunch carts serving food for $4-7 an entree. One of them is a Korean food cart that serves bulgogi lunch boxes and bimbimbap ($5.50-$6.50) that are pretty decent, fried egg and all. Been going there for my korean fix even though its a bit more of a hike than Seoul would be.