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Jan 29, 2011 12:48 AM

Hong Kong Sichuan Recomendation for 22

Need a Sichuan Restaurant recommendation in Hong Kong for 22 people. They will be traveling to Sichuan later and want authentic to get the idea about what to expect. I am unfamiliar with Hong Kong Restaurants, may partner recommends Red Pepper. Any thoughts?

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  1. Try Da Ping Huo. The food is excellent. The atmosphere is cozy and you won't have to bother ordering as it is a fixed menu.

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      1. re: Ilikecandy

        Thank you for Da Ping Huo, My wife and I will go there ourselves, but the group we are taking will need a place for lunch around 1:30 in the afternoon.

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          I have heard about Mum Chau's on D'Aguilar street. I have not eaten there though. You can check it out. In the same area, I think.

    1. My favorite is Sie Jie on Lockhart in Wan Chai. I prefer that over Da Ping Huo. Da Ping Huo is a very nice restaurant in an art gallery. Sie Jie is like dining in someone's family room with cheap decor but the food is phenomenal.

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      1. re: Hot Chocolate

        I must try that one. Is it ala carte or fixed menu? Where exactly is it?

        1. re: intrepidgourmand

          a la carte
          my favorite dishes are
          pig ear salad
          the fish hot pot
          cucumber with garlic
          kung pao chicken
          a garlic chili noodle dish (forgot which one ...)
          you can also order the famous dan dan noodle ...
          they give you a piece of paper and pencil and you circle your choices. Their english is limited as well.

          1. re: Hot Chocolate

            Do they have the sliced beef in hot chilli oil & pig trotters? I really like those two. I will be back in HK later this moth with some friends. Definitely try this one out. Da Ping Huo is too much food if everyone in the group is not focused on food. A La carte will be good.

      2. Checked out Mum Chau's, that is assuming it is the same place that goes by the name of Manchurian Candidate. Authentic bare wall/table atmosphere from travels in China years ago, will try the food when it reopens after the New Year. Happy New Year ChowHounds.

        1. I really like San Xi Lou in Coda Plaza:

          They have a big dining room and probably have private rooms too.

          They do both traditional Sichuan dishes and delicious hotpot.