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Jan 28, 2011 10:54 PM

Scoops flavors spotted...

Coconut, white chocolate wasabi
Miso cheesecake
Coffee malt
Cinnamon basil
Jack & Jalapeno
Pistachio jasmine
Mascarpone Oreo


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  1. Some of those sound delicious ... which location?

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    1. re: a213b

      The original Scoops, on Heliotrope.

    2. You know how far it is for me and my crew to drive to Scoops?!
      The pull of Coconut White Chocolate Wasabi is too strong, I can not resist, hope it is still available upon my arrival in a couple of hours!!!

      712 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029

      1. The coconut, white chocolate and wasabi is very good.

        1. May, 2011 update at original (Heliotrope) Scoops:
          Jim Bean + cherry + raisin
          Blackberry + Jasmine
          Pear + Champagne (sorbet)
          Orange + Vanilla
          Blueberry + Banana