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favorite at 5 guys?

whats your favorite burger toppings there?what goes good together?

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  1. nobody has a favorite?all righty then.

    1. Sorry - haven't eaten at any 5 guys yet (but want to)!

      1. Copied from the 5 Guys Burgers in Calgary thread (which can be a bit unweildy to naviagate at 130+ responses)...

        My wife and I have got our 5 guys routine figured out as well, and I'm much happier than the first few times we went.
        - Little Cheeseburger and Cheeseburger.
        - Raw onion (the grilled onion tastes good, but makes the burger too soggy)
        - Lettuce, no tomato (again, brings the sog...or at this time of year the mealiness)
        - Ketchup, mayo, relish, but BBQ sauce and mustard on the side
        - Regular fries (find the Cajun a little to much)
        - Split a reg drink (Free Refills!)
        Key for me is managing moisture on the burger and keeping it together. It seems like the smallish diameter of the burger/bun make it a little more susceptible to falling apart. I larger patty or bun might be able to hold a taller stack of topping combinations?

        The first few times we went I messed around with grilled onion, green pepper, mushrooms, bacon and/or BBQ sauce, but the burger ended up a sloppy mess. There are no show-stopper toppings (like a great fried egg, perfect onion ring, or awesome guacamole) so now I end up making a burger that gets sweet (ketchup/mayo), sour/acid (onion/relish), crunch (lettuce), creamy (cheese) and then lets the beef come up through the middle.

        1. We went on the weekend to the one in Airdrie and I must say I wasn't overly impressed. It was a good burger (btw toppings I had were tomato, grilled onion and pickles) but nothing to write home about. Calorie and fat-wise a huge difference to others (A&W, Harveys etc) and that doesn't reflect in the taste. The fries were good but I got tired of the cajun spice have way through. The regular portion of fries was so big, I was wondering who can actually eat a large one. We shared a regular and didn't even finish that one.

          1. Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Anymore than that and it gets messy.

            1. Bacon Cheeseburger with grilled onions, jalapeno peppers and hot sauce.

              1. I have narrowed mine down to Hamburger with raw onions, jalepenos, Pickles and BBQ sauce.

                1. I haven't been to 5 guys but on a burger I like mayo, mustard, pickles, onion and hot peppers if they're available. Not a fan of ketchup and cannot stand tomato or lettuce, Unless it's a whopper, in which case I need all of tomato, lettuce and ketchup. Oh, and cheese, preferably "American" or else a medium cheddar.

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                    I never did time the "route 72" from chinook C-train because I don't think this location is worthy of 5 guys. I'll report back if I ever get to the one in Airdrie and I'm willing to give you a ride John.

                    1. re: The Gut

                      I went to the big thread and notice you made it there. I can sleep better and quit asking if you need a ride.

                  2. I like ketchup, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomoato, sliced oninons and jalapeno peppers. It does get messy but its worth it.
                    F.Y.I i went on to the 5 guys website and gave the Deerfoot meadows location a good review. I received an email for a free meal for 2 just over 2 weeks later!

                    1. Been there a dozen or so times and tried quite a few different toppings. So far the best for me has been little bacon burger (no cheese), mayo, lettuce, tomato, raw onion and green peppers.

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                        I've noted the one in Calgary isn't up to par compared to others I've been to. However my wife likes it just as much so we keep going just not as often as BK.

                        I like to duplicate the "Whopper" sometimes. Other times I like to get some green peppers and or BBQ sauce.

                        I like, Lettuce, tomato, raw onion, green peppers and sometimes their cheese even though most places I hate cheese on my burger. Then some sauce I change it up.

                        1. re: The Gut

                          Had to go after this. I don't know if it's me but the Airdrie one seems right inline with the rest of the non Deerfoot Meadows locations.

                          I had an initial scare reading the burger price and not remembering that they're the doubles leading me to think they were more expensive at that location.

                          We will be going North for them instead of south.

                          I can't name a favorite. Part of what I love is being able to put what I feel like on it right there and then.

                      2. I can vouch for....

                        Bacon cheese burg with sauteed onions, jalapeno, lettuce mustard and bbq sauce. My burger wasn't soggy at all but I think one more topping could have taken it over the edge

                        1. Cheeseburger, all the way with Jalapenos.