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xo sauce calgary?

anybody use this stuff?any good?i just heard of it.im assuming its probably at t and t but ive havent been in the city for a while.any other places i might find some?thanks

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  1. I honestly can't think of any other place but T&T to have XO Sauce. You may want to try Lamba Supermarket beside Sun Chu Kee on Centre Street or Tops Supermarket on 16th Avenue. But I haven't tried the stuff myself, though I did buy some Nissin XO Sauce flavored cup noodles to see how it tasted (haven't opened it yet, but when I'll do I'll let you know). But I know if you can find it at T&T Supermarket in the sauce aisle under the Lee Kum Kee and Amoy brands.

    Tops Supermarket
    1623 Centre Street NW #183, Calgary, AB , CA

    1. If you google it you'll get a sense of what it's supposed to taste like- I like it, it's spicy.
      It's become a Chinese staple and you can find it at most Asian markets.

      1. I've tried looking for XO sauce specifically at the two TnT locations and havn't been able to find the actual sauce in the sauce aisle. I've looked all around the store and havnt been able to find it. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place but I dont think they are at TnT. Being that it is supposed to be a premium sauce, you shouldn't be able to find it just on the counter (at least thats what I've been told). You might be able to find it at those stores where they sell the chinese herbs, although I havnt tried looking there yet. Let me know how it goes. Been wanting this sauce to make ribs for a while.

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          I'm surprised that T&T doesn't have it, but I think I've seen it at Lambda. You could also try Hang Fung foods, or the grocery under ABC Bakery--and then check with the two or three apothecaries in Chinatown to see if they have it (though I'm not sure it's something they would carry).

          We have tried a couple different kinds at home, both gifted (so they may have come from outside Calgary), and have used it over the years. It has bits dried shrimp and scallop in it, along with a little bit of chili. It's an oil-based sauce. Lee Kum Kee's version comes in a little black and gold box with the small jar inside.

          For the price, I prefer sa cha sauce (which I've picked up at T&T, Lambda, Hang Fung Foods, even Superstore), which is basically dried shrimp paste in an oil-based sauce. Easier to find and cheaper--it's great for Chinese hot pot.

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            Sa cha jeung is great for gaw chei or wor tip (steamed or fried dumplings). I didn't know that you could use it instead of XO sauce for cooking. Will have to try that.

        2. You can find it at T&T, Tops supermarket and Lambda supermarket. At Tops, it's in the sauce aisle on the top shelf. At T&T and Lambda it's locked in a glass display case at customer service.

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            they lock it up?must be good stuff.

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              Bought some this weekend at the T&T in Harvest Hills, indeed you have to ask for it at the Customer Service Desk. I bought it because we were craving garlic xo green beans. We got the extra spicy stuff. I agree my grandmother's XO sauce is better but seeing she lives in Van, this will do.

          2. I bought it in Vancouver. I think it's gotten an undeservedly good rep just because of the expense of the ingredients. I used to have an employee who made something sort of similar and hers was much better but then home-made usually is. Wish I still worked with her.

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              I make my own.

              Jaden Hair's cookbook has a decent recipe on making your own. I don't like using as much dried shrimp as she states, instead substituting dried scallops. I had a hand in testing the recipe prior to her publishing the book so I can say it's pretty good!


              The chef at my mother-in-law's restaurant here in Edmonchuck also makes his own, but he won't even share the recipe with me, but knowing the ingredients in Jaden's cookbook it's not too difficult to reverse-engineer his.

            2. So what is this sublime stuff? Please explain to those of us who have never heard of it, much less eaten it.

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                Developed in the 1980s in Hong Kong for Cantonese cuisine, it is made of roughly chopped dried seafoods including scallops, dried fish, and shrimp and cooked with chili peppers, onions, garlic, and oil. Once a prestigious concoction confined to gourmet seafood restaurants, XO sauce can now be found as a pre-made product on grocery stores shelves, produced by Asian food companies like Lee Kum Kee, ANJI, and Amoy.