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Jan 28, 2011 07:03 PM

Food trucks OC

I know that there are now quite a few "gourmet" food trucks in OC, but I don't know anything about where or when they are up and running, or which ones are good. Could someone recommend some that are particularly good, and how I can figure out where/when they can be accessed? Also, having never done this before, where do you eat your food? Are there tables set up in the area by the trucks, do you eat in your car, or is it strictly take-out to bring home? This is all completely new to me and I need some info. We live in Irvine, and have heard that there are many good food trucks nearby, but we know nothing about this. Thanks!

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  1. Try out the Lime Truck: (menu changes daily - weekly


    The truck meets with a number of other trucks a few of the days (Wed it meets on Michelson and Teller (lunch) and Michelson / Harvard (dinner) which will give you a chance to sample different ones. Yelp is also useful for OC food truck info.

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      Where do you eat your food...standing around, do they have tables, in your car, or do you bring it home?

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        At the Teller location, there are no tables or chairs unless you bring your own (as some people do)--though there is one concrete bench. Other options are to eat standing, sit on the ground (some bring beach blankets), eat in your car or bring back to home/office. You will find people there doing all of the above. There are usually 8-12 trucks there and, while there are some regulars, the line-up varies.

      Food Truck Locator
      Food Truck Round-up.

      Atomic Ballroom
      When I went to Atomic Ballroom in Irvine on Fridays, (, there were one or two food trucks outside with three or four plastic tables with chairs set up, for hungry swing dancers- though it might depend on which food trucks come by. Some people just go there for the food trucks and not for the dancing...

      1. Food trucks typically like to congregate together, although this isn't always the case. The only way you can find out where they are going to be is follow them on twitter, facebook, or checking their websites.

        As Searching4Dunny stated there are usual spots they meet. Lake Forest Lanes on Tuesday nights, Teller lot off of Michelson and Teller for Lunch on Wednesdays, the Boomers and Irvine Lanes on Wednesday nights, OC Fairgrounds for lunch. This is not always the case, so check their websites accordingly.

        A few of the favorite food trucks are Lime Truck, Dos Chinos, Kogi (the truck that started the food truck craze), The Burnt Truck and a few others. There are a lot of them out there, all really depends on what you like.

        As other people have stated, most of these locations don't have seats or tables. You can bring your own if you would like. People eat standing up, on the ground, in their cars, or on a curb.

        Check out this yelp page for a few and their rankings:

        Personally, one of my favorites is The Burnt Truck. They specialize in sliders on King Hawaiian rolls. Some of my favorites are the Fried Chicken Slider, Cheeseburger, Vietnamese Pork, and for dessert their PB&J with Bananas. They actually make their own peanut butter and jam from scratch. Their selection varies weekly but always have the same handful of sliders on the menu.

        Hopefully this information helps you. I would just go to one of these meetups and try our 3 or 4 at a time. Keep your expectations in check and Enjoy!!

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          LOVE the Burnt Truck. They are not usually at the Michelson locations but are at the OC Fairgrounds on Thursdays, I believe.

        2. if any are interested, i saw a flyer posted when i went to the annual flower festival bazaar for tet in little saigon. there'll be visiting trucks all this week after 6 pm. i know kogi is one of them. the bacon truck was on the 27th (passed). and more.

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            We saw Komodo headed eastbound on Bolsa tonight. That seems like such a mismatch—food trucks parked in Little Saigon, home of fast, cheap, unbelievably great food everywhere.