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Jan 28, 2011 06:35 PM

Gourmet Caramel in Philadelphia?

Where can I get some good caramels locally? My wife is dropping hints like napalm that she wants some good caramel for Valentine's Day. Someone told me about a monastery in Iowa that makes really good stuff, but shipping costs half as much as the product so that's why I'm trying to find something local.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Not local, but Esther Price chocolates, somewhere in Ohio, ships wonderful, reasonable chocolates, whatever you might wish. I'm sure their caramels are excellent also, and they have assortments of 100% caramels among others. Try, or something lilke that. We've been ordering from them for quite a few years now.

    1. Antoine Amrani in East Norriton....he used to be pastry chef at le bec fin...never had his caramels...but all his other offerings are wonderful....right on germantown pike

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        He was a pastry Le Bec Fin? I went to his shop soon after it first opened, he was raving about his bake at home chocolate souffle - so I bought several for a dinner party, it was waxy on the outside, with an almost flavorless, bland chocolate. It was truly disappointing that it was not a higher quality chocolate. I have not returned and am surprised that it is still open.

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          wow....never tried the souffle....but have often purchased his truffles...dipped oranges....barks,...etc and have never been disappointed!!!
          also jonandkira chocolates are wonderful....

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            here is info:That same spirit of creating and sharing European chocolates is our daily inspiration at AAchocolates
            George Perrier, the world-renowned French chef and owner of the legendary, 5-Star dining, Le Bec Fin, first recognized the unique talent of our chocolatier early on. It was at Le Bec Fin, where the recipes where perfected, during his tenure as Executive Pastry Chef. At AAchocolates, our European-style chocolate recipes are the basis for creating superlative chocolate confections. Dark Chocolate truffles, luxurious, jewel-like chocolate bon bons and palets, handmade caramels, dark chocolate covered fruits and nuts. According to Chef Perrier "At Le Bec Fin, we only accepted one thing. The finest. AAchocolates delivers beyond that expectation...with their exquisite line of chocolates."

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              YES! John & Kira's. Their business was previously called "Jubilee". Their chocolates are award winning and they use local organic ingredients.
              Philly Ray- your wife will love these cannot go wrong with these chocolates!!!

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                Have been doing John & Kira's for a few years now. I agree that they are great, but just looking for something a little different this time.

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                  The pennsylvania store at the Reading Terminal has fabulous plain caramels. They are made locally and individually wrapped. They are soft but not too, chewy but not too, perfect. They also have caramel covered marshmallows. They are located right next to the checkout. When I visit out of town family I must take a box or they won't let me in.

              2. re: ilovesummer

                We just had a box of their dark chocolate caramel filled hearts and they are exquisite. The caramel is liquid and has the most unbelievably good flavor of burned sugar and butter.
                They are quite expensive.

          2. Eclat in West Chester has won awards for its caramels. The Painted Truffle (weekends in Stockton, NJ or order on-line) also has a few flavors of caramel-filled truffles.

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              Eclat has GREAT caramel chocolates, if that's what you are looking for. We also bought John & Kira's chocolate covered toffee, and enjoyed it, if that sounds "different".

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions, but I'm looking for just plain caramel (nothing with chocolate on it). If I beef up the order from the monastery, the shipping might be worth it.

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                Check out these caramels at Bequet Confections. Reasonably priced with great reviews on their website- one from Chowhound!!

                1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                  Bequet Caramels are AWESOME. They're not local - I believe the mother and daughter team are from Montana? - but they are a small company worth supporting with an awesome product. Their Celtic Sea Salt and Chipotle caramels are my favorite - please do check them out. They sell them locally at Di Bruno's... not sure where else in the area.

                  1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                    These are really good (especially the sea salt ones). They have them at DiBrono's in Rittenhouse and Jonathan Best at Reading Terminal has them but I'm not sure if they have them in big bags there.

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                      +1 for Bequet caramels... the sea salt ones are amazing!

                  2. You could always get yourself a candy thermometer and give it a shot