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Jan 28, 2011 04:37 PM

Pigs Head

May be getting a cooked (135) lb. pig-on-a-spit for a BBQ and wondering what to do with the head. Just pick at it, or prepare it for something greater, like a terrine or.... What do you think ?

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  1. As long as it ends up in someone's belly and not in the trash! I personally love head cheese.

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      Head cheese it is! Here's a fun article with recipe instructions for doing just that:

    2. I would eat the cheeks right off the spit though!

      1. I actually just took three of these from hairy, dirty animal faces to tasty charcuterie items... I'll put a couple of pics in with this post. Did a porchetta di testa (sous vide, served cold) as well as one roasted and served hot, plus a couple of terrine-type deals from the third head plus some tongue and trotters and so forth.

        Wait -- is your head going to be already cooked? Limits what you can do with it a little, maybe, but you still have options. Or, yeah, just pick the meat right off it with your fingers and enjoy the greasy, crispy, porky goodness.