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Jan 28, 2011 04:29 PM

Best way to chop raw chicken?

Any tips for making this chore any easier? I don't mEan taking apart a whole chicken, I mean slicing or dicing raw chicken breasts for things like Chinese stir fries, or other dishes that require more bite size pieces. Do I need to use a different knife than my large santoku? Flatten the chicken first?

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  1. It's easier for me, if the meat is a little frozen.

    1. Lightly freeze it, the slice and dice, ALOT easier that way!

      1. I'll make it three!

        Slightly frozen. Much easier.


        1. Quatro-ditto.

          A santoku is fine, as is a chef's or longer slicing knife, if the chicken is partially frozen, which is a very good idea. Knife choice depends on the size of the cut you want.

          1. Brilliant suggestion. Is an hour in the freezer enough time?

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              Hi Greenyellow,

              I'd say more like 10-15 minutes. You don't want hard frozen, just nice and firm.


              1. re: greenyellow

                An hour is more than enough. I usually use chicken cutlets that I get pounded thin from the butcher. I like to slice thru those when they're completely frozen with a sharp knife.