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Jan 28, 2011 02:47 PM

Pound of ground lamb--what to do

I've got a pound of thawed ground lamb in the fridge and it's too cold to grill lamburgers (plus, I don't want to shovel the patio!) I'm also cutting back on high GI carbs, so no potatoes (ergo no shepherd's pie). Any suggestions?

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      Kibbeh--of course! How could I have forgotten this. Thank you Quine!

    2. moussaka with lots of eggplant and other vegetables

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      1. What about browning it with some cumin, mint, salt and pepper, a little aleppo pepper if you have it? Then use it to stuff warmed pitas; top with shredded lettuce and tomato and some cucumber raita.

        1. there are a few chow topics on this, if you're interested in checking them out:

          i was raised in a greek family, so i always think greek food when i think of ground lamb... our favorite family recipes included pastitsio (has lots of pasta--maybe not so carb-friendly) and moussaka.
          epicurious has a few that look good; all are made in/on oven, so no snow-shoveling required:

          lamb sausage patties with mint, feta, and garlic:

          lamb burgers made in skillet:

          another burger made in skillet:

          and just a thought... a lamb/eggplant moussaka. has potatoes in this epicurious recipe, but typically moussaka doesn't have them. you can omit potatoes easily. it's quite an undertaking of a recipe, but such a treat. pretty rich...

          lastly, my mom used to always make ground lamb meatballs with cilantro and onions which she'd serve with a cucumber-yogurt sauce, pita (or hamburger buns for us kids), tomatoes, and red onions. i was such a picky eater, but loved these.

          she'd also make stuffed bell peppers with ground lamb, canned diced tomatoes, long grain white rice, sauteed onions and garlic, and a pinch of oregano and cinnamon. these still are my favorite thing mom makes, although she subs with super lean ground beef now.

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            the stuffed peppers sound awesome. could you elaborate more on quantities and method?

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              i just went over to my mom's for stuffed peppers last night actually. nice timing!

              she doesn't use a recipe, just eyeballs everything... i'll do my best.

              she gets the meat ground fresh; i'd estimate 1/2 pound to 3/4 pound for 6 small/medium bell peppers. brown a chopped onion until soft; add meat and cook until almost done. add a large can diced or whole tomatoes and stir. break up any large tomatoes. add rice and enough water to cover. add a pinch cinnamon and fresh (or dried) oregano. cook 10 minutes.

              meanwhile, wash peppers and lop off tops, reserving them. scoop out seeds and cores. line them up in a pyrex baking dish. when rice/meat is done, scoop into peppers and put lids back on top. pour any remaining liquids from the pan around and over the peppers. if there are none, adding a little water, broth, or tomato juices (from can) to the bottom of the dish will help with cooking the peppers through. then cover dish tightly with foil and stick in a 350 oven for an hour or more.

              it's like making a pasta sauce or taco filling, but with rice. mom has never followed a recipe in her life, which seems to be a big greek tradition. sorry for the scattered recipe. i've made them before, just eyeballing everything and adding more or less meat, rice, onion, tomato, and seasonings to my liking (she likes more meat, i like more rice). i add in a clove of garlic too but of course my peppers are never as good as hers.

              just be sure to let them cook nice and long in the oven (anywhere from 60-80 minutes) and they are so freaking flavorful and juicy, and even better the next day. i could eat these things every night!

          2. Kheema mattar was my first thought.