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Jan 28, 2011 02:15 PM

restaurants in santiago de compostole

will be visiting Santiago de Compostole in the Galicia area of Spain. Looking for recommendations for restaurants.

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    1. re: MOREKASHA

      thank you. do you think it is a "must"? we are in barcelona for a few days and then thought we would visit santiago de compostole. if you've been there, would you recommend visiting the city or go somewhere else..eating is a major priority!!

      1. re: karen gold

        Well, SDC is THE main tourist spot, especially for those Christian, nominal or otherwise. We loved Marcelo, it is warm and it is also "foamish" but not overly so. There is also a great wine bar, Vinoteca O'beiro @ Calle Da Raiña 3, where you can drink by the glass or buy any bottle to take with you and the selection of vino Youho is large. They also have great platters of queso and jamon. We had a special trad rustic empanada, made w/coarse grained corn flour. Spectacular. Most of Galicia is known for landscpes and vineyards, the citie sare small but usually lovely. We loved Ourense but travel time is an important factor to consider.

        1. re: MOREKASHA

          Thanks. Now I.m having doubts about going there from Barcelona. One person we are travelling with has already been to San Sebastian . Any other suggestions?

          1. re: karen gold

            If it's just for food and little bit of art, the S.S. is the place. You can just go bar to bar in the old quarter (a very small 1/4 it is) and be totally happy. You can also go Michelin starred as well, Arzak etc..if you have enough lead time you can get a reservation @ Arzak via their website, I did. There are quick day trips for art, food and wine.....Art: Chillida Leku Sculpture park is 1/2 bus ride away from SS, Bilbao is 1-2 hours by bus or train Bus to the town of Getaria home of the best style of Txkaloi and some really good seafood places, sit down meals, grilled hake etc.... The cider season runs til April 1, you could go to a rural cidra house for a meal of great steaks and cider (not like American cider) from the cask,,,in SS tapas + Asador Ganbara (we had tapas 1 night and lunch another day, grilled prawns, seasonal mushrooms, neck of the hake over coal-mmmm) Tapas @ La Cepa for mushrooms and also great jamon, Cuchara San telmo (off a little plaza by the church, tiny but great food) I could go on for days.....I spent 5 days in SS w/a pal and on another trip 2 days in SDC, SS is way better but SDC has a GREAT market, abuleas (grand moms) selling homemade cheese, tortila gallaga and homemade orujo (hooch) worth a detour if it is just for the market.....

          2. re: MOREKASHA

            Our plans have changed and we are now going to stay around the Barcelona/ Catalonia region and visit small towns...An thoughts?

          3. re: karen gold

            If I had the choice of going anywhere in Spain and my focus was food, I would go to San Sébastian. It's one of the top food cities in Spain along with Barcelona.

            Unless you're really into the religious thing, there's not much of interest in Santiago. If you're interested in visiting a city in Galicia, a better option might be La Coruña. Although it's not really the prettiest city, there are more dining options and it's on the water.

            You should also consider going to Portugal, if only for the natas. It might even be cheaper to fly to Lisbon from Barcelona than to Santiago. And there's a lot more to eat and see in Lisbon than in any city in Galicia.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              I have to say, my youngest son walked the Camino after he graduated from UDub and said the food all along the way was very good. I'll have to ask him where they ate when they arrived in Santiago de Comostela. He looked pretty trim after walking 500 miles.

        2. To refocus on Santiago de Compostella, the most prominent names I have heard are Marcello, Carretas and Don Gaiferos. Any insight on these.

          Any other input on what is interesting foodwise here would be appreciated. It can be high end or really simple. Anything memorable really. Thanks in advance for your help.

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          1. re: thelonious777

            Carretas is a fine restaurant with great food, excellent service and prices to match. My only problem with them is that I suspect that they weighed our spider crab along with the plate that it came on. When we got the bill we realised that they had charged us for a bug about twice the size of the one we got. Siince we had no way to prove this and our Spanish was far from adequate to engage in any sort of argument, we just paid and left. That's probably what they expected we would do. It was too bad because, up until then, we had had a great evening.

            1. re: thelonious777

              I have no information on those restaurants We have now decided to explore the area in and around Girona, as we didn't want to lose part of a day flying. Also, the weather in Galicia can be quite rainy in march. We have reservations at Cellar Can Roca in Girona, which was voted the 4th best restaurant on the best 50 list. We are very excited.
              Hope you find what you are looking for.

              1. re: thelonious777

                Just a follow up with respect to Marcello--I think it is really under-rated. The tasting menu was one of the best meals (and biggest surprises) of our trip . Much more impressive than Can Fabes or Cinq Sentits in Barcelona, which are much more ballyhooed. The menu was well designed as a whole with a good dish to dish progression and reasonable portion sizes. Technically each dish was well seasoned and technically very sound and the cuisine is very ingredient driven with a bit (but not too much) of a modern twist. Nice views into an open kitchen and very charming service by the cooks who bring you your food tableside.

                If you go to Santiago, eat at Marcello...I don't think you will be disappointed.

                1. re: thelonious777

                  Thanks for the tip, thelonious777. This one's going on my wishlist.

                  For the sake future searches, I'll add the full address and web site:

                  Casa Marcelo
                  Rua Hortas, 1
                  15705 Santiago de Compostela
                  +34 981 55 85 80


                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    I will be posting pics on my website soon (hopefully). The most memorable was a whole lightly battered deep fried rockfish with aioli that we eat with our hands. It was beautifully presented and completely devoured.

              2. Going to Gallicia for Padron peppers, Octopus, and the gorgeous country is Spain as good as it gets. Stayed for three weeks and loved every minute. From the great Tazo, to the goose barnacles (percebes) and everything in between, do not miss Gallicia and the entire northern coast.

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                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Shhh, you've blown our secret. The market in Padron is not to be missed. It's not a French country market, nmore of a combo flea marke, food market. Great pulpo, homemade Orujo, and the peppers....

                  1. re: MOREKASHA

                    Had a meal in Santiago of padrons for two tapas, then a padron plat, and of course at a different pace, padron dessert, major yummm

                      1. re: MOREKASHA

                        The funny line would be Padron tequila, but drank two different amontillado sherries. The peppers were all prepared the same way. Sauteed in evoo with fleur de sel sprinkled on top, wow,wow,wow

                        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                          Have you had a nice Orujo after your meal?