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Jan 28, 2011 02:08 PM

Smoked pork help

So I have 10 lbs of smoked pork and I need recipe ideas. I am a little burned out on sandwiches and plates of shredded meat with various pickles. I have made hash and several tamale, enchilada, and burrito applications but since all of these I have mentioned have infinite variations, all suggestions are welcome. Please help

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  1. Or you could get a vacuum sealer and toss it in the freezer until you aren't sick of it anymore.

    We've done a green chicken chili recipe before and used leftover BBQ pork in it instead of chicken. I think I even put in hominy to make it posole-esque.

    1. My favorite thing to do with smoked pork is to shred it and make some Brunswick Stew. I'll add my Mom's recipe that I use...She uses only boiled chicken, but I make it with smoked pork or even a mix of the two. Also, this is a LARGE recipe, you might want to half or quarter it.

      Put 6 lbs. pulled pork & about 8 cups of chicken broth into a large stock pot - or if you can, divide ingredients between two pots to prevent scorching and get more even cooking.


      1 gallon diced or processed tomatoes
      1 gallon whole kernel corn, drained & put through food processor - never use creamed corn, it'll mess up the flavor of the stew- too sweet.
      2 T. basil paste or some fresh basil processed with the corn
      2 large sweet onions - dices/processed
      1 24 oz. bottle ketchup
      2/3 cup Grandma's molasses
      1 Cup Worcestershire Sauce
      More salt & pepper as needed

      Cook on low until thickened - stir frequently

      1. try an easy rose' pasta sauce 2 parts alfredo/cream sauce, 1 part marinara blend until the cause becomes a creamy pink sauce. Heat a skillet to high heat saute onions peppers and garlic with evoo, when when the peppers start to cook add in the pasta sauce and cook until it simmers, add in the pork, either shedded or chopped, add in the pasta, penne would be good , and toss everythng to combine serve hot, sprinkle a little parmessan over the top and drizzel a little evoo over the top.