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Jan 28, 2011 11:33 AM

Looking for cherimoya in greater Boston area

I'm searching for cherimoya-I used to get them at Stop &Shop, but the produce mgr says they don't carry them anymore. Cherimoya, atemoya, sugar apple, is anything in that family available somewhere I can access them by means of the "T"?

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  1. Russo's usually has cherimoyas. Unfortunately, the T does not get you close to them. Maybe you can convince a friend to give you a ride?

    1. The Whole Foods on Washington Street in Brighton often has cherimoya (usually right next to the bananas). It's a block from the B Line. I'd bet that other WF locations probably carry it as well. (It's probably worth calling ahead to make sure they have it.)

      1. My answer to all questions:

        Arax in Watertown (bus accessible) has them in season. Have not seen them lately.

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          Fields Corner T on Dot Ave. There's a specialty VNmese vegetable shop right across the Bank of America that should have it when in season. i just ate some delicious one in the Bahamas but haven't seen it here..