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Jan 28, 2011 11:31 AM

Tom Spicer to lose garden?

According to NN on Sidedish, Tom's garden is going to be paved over for a parking lot.

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  1. Greedy landowners and landlords raising their ugly heads again. A pox on them all. Except you, Tom.

    1. As much as I love Jeff at the deli counter at Jimmy's, the "in" crowd, hipsters, bloggers, and admittedly Chowhounders have led to the demise of Spiceman's 1410. We have put Jimmy's on such a pedestal for Italian goods that no one ever thinks you can get most of it elsewhere. True you can't get the meatballs or sausage, but the rest of it you can. Jimmy's is always packed, every weekend, always with a wine sample or such. Then you walk two doors down and Tom's place is dead.

      I think Dallas really doesn't care about what makes our city different and unique. We care more about the image and how it looks to go to Jimmy's. I think it is also glaringly appearant that most people in Dallas don't care about vegetables, look at the Dallas Farmers Market and all the small farmers markets that got closed.

      It will be a sad day once Spicer ups and moves out of here.

      He really started the trend on unquie and heirloom fruit, veggies and fungi.

      Hopefully we can come together and support his cause with a much larger land plot. I know Denton County has some space and better yet he would do well to open up in Denton!

      We will see how this story turns out.

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        There is no question that Tom could find space in many places outside the urban landscape of Dallas. I know several people east of town that would work him a deal on a few acres. This however is not Tom, he wants to be an urban farmer.

        His best bet might be working a deal with a bunch of people in near east Dallas for part of their yards. Just a thought..

      2. Jimmy's is what it is and has been long before Tom came on the scene.
        And, Tom is what HE is. I agree with irodguy. I think Tom should scout another location that will hopefully not cause an "upheaval" in the future.

        1. So sorry to hear about the demise of Spicer's garden. A little piece of Dallas has died...and it makes me sad.

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          1. re: flomogal

            The rumors of FM 1410's death is a tad premature.