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Jan 28, 2011 11:18 AM

providence rehearsal dinner

I am looking for a restaurant for a rehearsal dinner in Oct for 25 or 30 people. Would love to find a BYOB and was thinking Italian. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. What's your budget? Which night of the week/date? Any specific part of the city?

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      It will be a Friday night in October. Was hoping to be around 30-40 per person. We will be staying near Federal Hill so was hoping to have it down there. I actually don't know the city well but would be willing to have it in another area if there is a particular place that fits what we want more--namely good food, reasonably priced, ideally BYOB.

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        BYO isn't very common in RI, except at places that don't have liquor licenses (usually ethnic).

        A place named called Pizzico allows BYO on Sundays, but it's obviously not the right night and they're out of your budget, anyhow. Cafe Andiamo is in Johnston (15ish minutes out of the city) and does allow BYO. It's not especially fancy, but the food is good and would probably work for your budget. It's small, though, so they may not take a party as large as yours.

        Be careful about the end of October, as it's Brown Parents Weekend and the city is a mess. Lots of places won't book anything this big during that time, as it turns away lots and lots of other customers. This year, I think it's 19-21 Oct, but don't quote me on that.

        $30-40 is going to be virtually impossible on Federal Hill. Rents/leases are expensive and restaurants charge accordingly. Plus, to the best of my knowledge, no one will let you BYO.

    2. Guido's on Hope St. is BYOB and Italian. It is "red sauce" Italian, not in the Atwell's Ave. area, and not very formal... but it meets your budget and other criteria and the food is okay. There are a bunch of BYOB places on Wickenden St. which are inexpensive ethnic places.

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        By the criteria of the OP, that's a very good suggestion. Again, not Federal Hill, but definitely worth consideration.

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          last time I was at Guidos seemed like they could not fit 20 people, never mind 25-30. I ate with one shoulder in the kitchen and one shoulder in the ailse way with the owner walking past bumping me every time

        2. My friends had their rehearsal dinner at Zooma on Federal Hill. They reserved the back room and it was very nice. I am not sure what the cost was, however. Might be worth checking out.

          245 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI 02903

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            Way over the OP's budget and they won't let you BYO. Fun spot, though.

          2. Federal Hill is a tough choice. Because of limited parking and lack of BYOB choices. Wine is too much of a money maker for Federal Hill restaurants. Cassarino's has a 2nd floor room that may be available. My top suggestion is Trattoria Romana in Lincoln, Rhode Island, about 15 minute drive from Providence. Wonderful Italian food with a beautiful private room with landscape scenes of Tuscany. It is really very nice!

            Cassarino's Restaurant
            177 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903