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Jan 28, 2011 10:19 AM

Any healthy takeout places out there?

I'm back in the gym. Lifting and cardio and all that good stuff. But I'm not seeing too many options out there for health food to go.

Sometimes, I'm too lazy to cook the grilled chicken and vegetables myself. But nobody out there makes anything remotely close to it. I've been to Seward Coop--not much, just protein shakes. Jamba juice is the same--no food, just drinks. I'm looking for egg white omelets,
brown rice---things like that.

Does anyone know of a good place out there catered to high protein and complex carb hogs?

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  1. Well, the pickin's are somewhat slim, but French Meadow (although the menu seems smaller than I remember), Brasa, Tanpopo (you can get it to go--and I'm thinking buckwheat noodles here as far as carbs are concerned--even though it's not really a "take out" place.)

    EDIT: Oh, Bravo Bakery on Grand Ave, if you don't mind vegetarian, offfers brown rice. And it's definitely "to go" friendly.

    Sorry to mention chains but Whole Foods and Good Earth (though, to be honest, I've never been to the Good Earth in MN, so I can't really vouch for how good the food is or isn't here in MN).

    Hmmm...I don't know if they do take out, but Day by Day Cafe in St. Paul.

    Here's an old thread "dieting deliciously" that might be helpful, even though it's not perfectly spot on or especially current.


    Good Earth Restaurant
    1901 Highway 36 W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

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      We regularly get takeout food from Tanpopo. If you order something with buckwheat noodles, you can hardly go wrong.

    2. Hi! You could try the Wedge Co-op. They have quite a lot of hot and cold RTG foods, as well as a juice bar. I'm curious about the egg-white omelet, though - I thought those had finally gone away? An egg is a wonderful, healthy, WHOLE food - !!??!!

      1. Oh, and congrats on your discipline - good job on the working out thing!

        1. Thanks alot. It seems as if it is slim pickins. And everything's in St. paul. Evidently no one likes to eat healthy here in Mpls. That good earth does look good, and the wedge.

          And yes, the whole egg is good. But the with the amount of eggs I need to eat, I need to dump most of the fat in the yolks.

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          1. re: alpa chino

            Huh. Apparently Supatra's Thai also offers brown rice. I'm not suggesting it's the best Thai food ever, but with lettuce wraps, satay, steak salad and brown rice you could probably make it work.


            Same with Kindee Thai

            I seem to recall Sen Yai Sen Lek offers brown rice, too, but I'd call to confirm first.


            Kindee Thai Restaurant
            719 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

          2. Im going to throw in a curve ball....
            I get crazy cravings for Chinese food but with the high sodium, sugar, MSG, etc it easily becomes a diet nightmare.

            However, delivering to my house a couple times a month in Xin Won chinese on 47th and Nicollet. As far as chinese goes, they dont use MSG and the have a healthier menu items that are steamed.

            But the reason I love it is because nothing is from a can. We are talking huge portions of all sorts of fresh veggies. I get the Chicken and veggies (with more chicken then you can imagine-steamed with tons of huge chunks of veggies and I get the sauce on the side. Portions are HUGE and prices are so low i cant justify mkaing steamed veggies and chicken at home. Delish!

            Brasa rotisserie. French meadow is fantastic for what it is- I always get the zone omelet made with egg white goat cheese and spinach. And did you know perkins will substitute egg whites in omelets for no additional charge?- not saying it makes the omelet good, just another option.

            And Brasa is good fr the low carb area.

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            1. re: ashii

              Yeah, thanks. Chinese is definitely an option and I'll have to modify the way I order the dishes. I've been going to middle eastern joints and getting the chicken kabob and rice combo. But chinese is also a way to go.

              And that omelet does sound good. I'll have to try it.

              1. re: alpa chino

                Brasa is terrific for healthy takeout food.

                When I want to eat Chinese and eat healthier, I don't put the gloppy-sauced chicken (or beef or pork or fish) on top of a pile of white rice then clean my plate. I put the rice in a bowl, eat it plain and eat the gloppy-sauced chicken with chopsticks leaving the better part of the gloppy-sauce on the plate.

                Sure, I waste most of the gloppy sauce, but I also avoid a large part of the calories and sodium.

                I like Chipotle for healthy carry-out. I order a burrito with no rice, no cheese, no guac and no sour cream. I get beans, meat, sauce, corn and lettuce or cilantro. If I'm going to add in one of the things to avoid, it's usually cheese.

                I'll also avoid any food I can order without leaving my car.

                1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                  Yes, the burrito bowls at Chipotle are a good choice. I consider guac healthful, even though it's high in fat, so, I always get it.


                  1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                    Folks, we removed some replies from this thread that were getting into the debate of 'what constitutes healthiness' and detailed analysis of various numbers. That's a huge area, that's really off-topic for our regional boards. If you've got suggestions on where alpa chino can get healthy food, that's great, but a debate about whether one person's perception of healthy matches anothers is a little far afield. Thanks.