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Kitchen on Fire - knife skills class?

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Yelp is offering discounts at several cultural and performing arts venues in March...also on the list happens to be Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley. They will be offering:

Tapas party class on Sunday, March 6th @ 6:30pm for $55 (normally $70) and a knife skills class on Monday, March 7th @ 6:30pm for $45 (normally $60). To register for either of these classes please call 510-548-2665 or email classes@kitchenonfire.com and mention the Yelp Culture Club.

I've been curious to take the knife skills class for awhile, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with it. I don't have the best knife skills, but I also am perfectly competent at dicing, slicing, mincing, etc. so I'm concerned about how basic the class is.

If anyone else is interested, here's the link:

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  1. I took a knife skills class there a few years ago, and found it really valuable, if that helps. And I'm a pretty good home cook, but the class made my knife skills better and faster.

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      That does help! I just wanted to make sure it wasn't overly elementary.

    2. I took a knife skills class at KOF - not sure if they have different levels. I had zero knife skills. We learned knife care, the "claw", different cuts for vegetables and herbs. We practiced while the teacher and assistant walked through for corrections.