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Jan 28, 2011 09:41 AM

Simple Cream of Jalapeno soup

Who's got it? I first had some about 3 years ago at a near-by cafe - it was a daily special. No sooner did I discover it than they quit making it due to lack of interest. It was very simply made with nothing more than basic ingredients, ie, it tasted like jalapeno. Since then, I've ordered it elsewhere, but it's always "fancied up" with unnecessary flavor components, cilantro being the biggest, overbearing culprit.

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  1. I have not been lately, but Fish City Grill always had it.

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    1. re: irodguy

      Thanks for the rec, but they are one of the cilantro happy culprits and for me, not being a fan..... well, I know I'm in trouble when I can smell it (the cilantro) before the server reaches the table.

      1. re: CocoaNut

        I believe they add cilantro on service. My wife hates cilantro and has them leave it off. Again though this was probably 6 to 8 months since last service.

        1. re: CocoaNut

          Fish City Grill doesn't use cilantro in the Cream of Jalapeno Soup. They do sprinkle parsley on it right before serving it. They actually sprinkle parsley on evereything, minus kid meals, seafood platters, and sandwiches, before serving it. If you smelled cilantro, the culprit was probably their homemade pico de gallo. It comes on the popular Oyster Nachos that are almost always found on at least one table in the restaurant at any given time. You should give it another try. They'll give you a free sample of the soup before you commit.

          Fish City Grill
          18149 Dallas Pkwy # 110, Dallas, TX

          1. re: Teacher13

            Hmmmmm, no. But therein lies the problem with critiquing a chain. Invariably, there will be differences, one to another.

      2. Been quite a while, but I've had a good version at Reatta. Not sure about the cilantro though. The recipe is in the Reatta cookbook which I'll buy when I win the lottery.

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        1. re: Brad2

          Which does bring up another option, when in doubt make it yourself. I am sure you would come up with plenty of simply recipes with a google search, or listing under home cooking.

        2. Fish City Grill served me a bowl that I liked very much. I don't recall any cilantro in it.

          1. The Libertine on Lower Greenville does a good rendition. No cilantro that I recall.