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Dec 7, 2005 05:02 PM

Chili Dogs

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I'm surprised that I wasn't able to find a recent thread about this in the archives. Who, in your opinion, puts together the finest chili dog in Los Angeles? What makes it better than the rest?


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  1. I'm partial to the chili dog at THE STAND and also to the ones served up THE HAT ( when I can't get the time to drive to the SFV.


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    1. re: ipse dixit

      I have given this issue great thought for many years and I have THE ANSWER. Go to Chili My Soul in Encino and get a pint of whatever chili strikes your fancy. Then run down the street 3 miles to Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks for one of their dogs or polish sausages. Add condiments provided, add chili. Voila!

      1. re: Dave Gee

        What about the chili dog they have at Chili My Soul? I've never had it, and doubt it compares all that well to the polish sausage at Weiner Factory, but wouldn't it do pretty well for one-stop shopping? The other items Chili My Soul does using chili (e.g., the burger, Nachos, and chili fries) are all very good.

        And the chili, imho, is far superior to the chili at The Stand.

        1. re: Jess

          It doesnt have to compare. My point was that your bringing together the best of two worlds so to speak-great chili and great hot dogs, polish sausages and chicken sausages. BTW the chili at WF could stand some work. Also I don't care for the Stand or anyplace that puts raisins on a hot dog. I am a die hard Weiner Factory devotee.

        2. re: Dave Gee

          That's a pretty good idea. The WF has great dogs but very ordinary chili but I'm concerned about the final assembly of the unit. If you work in the west SFV, the dog cart on Townsgate, south of the 101, off at Thousand Oaks Blvd, has Sabretts and pretty good chili. Lament the chili at Jay's. Now that was some chili!

        3. re: ipse dixit

          I like The Stand chili dog. The Stand goes out of their way to make the hot dogs (and sausages)an epicurean experience by making several of their sauces from scratch. Owner told me they have 2 more Stands planned next year for the other side of the hill.
          Tommy's-I think a few years ago they changed the hot dog at Tommy's and it isn't a natural casing hot dog but a skinless hot dog. Still a great classic chili dog.


          1. re: ipse dixit

            Might I add that Mondays at the Stand is $1 dog day!

          2. I know this will rattle your senses but Der Weinersnitzel (sp) has pretty good chili dogs. The chili is very very good, the dog could use some improving. All in all though not a bad chili dog at all.

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            1. re: Wes

              Try their all beef hotdog. They are good. I also love their chili cheese fries (well done, of course!)

            2. e
              Erika RollerGirl

              I just had my first Tommy's chili dog (with cheese) and I have to say it was probably the best one I've ever experienced. I'm not a chili dog fanatic but occassionally I'll get a craving for them and usually go to Weinerschnizel out of convenience. The chili dog at Tommy's is so far out of Weinerschnitzel's league in my opinion, it's not even funny. It was HUGE and covered in a heaping amount of chili and melted cheese and topped off with huge slices of pickles and salted tomatoes. Incredible! I will never look at Weinerschnitzel or The Stand the same again now that I've had this dog.

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              1. re: Erika RollerGirl

                LOL! I was going to humbly offer Tommy's Chili Dog myself... Although personally, I perfer my dog on the simple side and I haven't had it in YEARS, but the times that I did, it was indeed wonderful as you describe...


                1. re: Dommy!

                  Years ago the Chili Dog and the Tamale were my favorites at Tommy's. It has been decades sine I was there. Glad to know that the Chili Dog is still on the menu. Now I gotta go back for a taste from the past.

                  1. re: Dommy!

                    ...and one evening as we were driving by the Tommy's on Hill Ave. just north of PCC, Tania said, "Oh...if you ever go there, get the chili dog."

                    I think I just heard my South Beach Diet make loud cracking noises...

                2. Have never tried the chili dogs at Tommy's, Skooby's, The Stand, Pink's or Der Wienerschnitzel. So, to be fair, I cannot comment on these.

                  I have tried the "Carney Dog" at Carney's, though. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a good chili dog. I get mine with tomatoes on the side and enjoy the cool (and juicy) tomatoes juxtaposed against the hot, spicy hot dog, chili, mustard and bun combination.

                  One heck of a good chili dog at Carney's!

                  Two locations to choose from. I like the Ventura Boulevard location for ambience, but the Sunset Boulevard location has a liquor license.

                  Go, eat and enjoy!

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                  1. re: David Ford

                    Oops! I meant to include these:

                    12601 Ventura Boulevard
                    Studio City, CA 91604
                    (818) 761-8300

                    8351 W. Sunset Boulevard
                    Los Angeles, CA 90069
                    (323) 654-8300

                    1. re: David Ford

                      I, for the first time, tried Carney's (on Ventura Blvd.) for the first time last night. WOW! Evereyone on this board was right. I ordered the small chili cheese fries (well done) and the Chicago Style Dog (mustard, relish, onions).
                      The dog was SO flavorful. I was really impressed. The chili fries were okay, but I found I needed to add salt to get the flavor "just right" for my 'buds. Add a few of those hot little yellow numbers and I was in good shape.
                      I only ate around 1/3 of the fries and the hot dog and was well satisfied.
                      Odd that I have never been here before and I grew up in the valley and have been driving by it forever!

                      1. re: WildSwede

                        You definitely want to try the Carney Dog at some point. Not that I have much of a basis for comparison -- as evidenced by my first post. But to me, it is a truly delicious chili dog. Really good. Consider having it my way; with a mouthful of fresh tomato slice in every bite!

                        And if you want to try a good burger, order a "half-pound" cheeseburger with everything. You will not regret it. Be sure to go around the lunch or dinner rush if at all possible. It will maximize your chances for the best possible Carney's experience!

                        1. re: David Ford

                          Thanks, I will!! ;-)

                          1. re: David Ford

                            The Carney's Red Eye split and grilled is the bomb!!

                      2. As mentioned below, I had the carney's dog (although not the chili dog) last night. Really good. I could see the chili dog being good.
                        I like Pinks. Ususally order their chili cheese fries and a chili cheese dog, and cannot finish either. Prefer the fries over the dog.
                        I personally prefer Cupid's which has a few original locations in the valley. Parthenia/just south of Nordhoff; Vanowen/just east of Winnetka. The original locations (unlike the "fake" new ones that are popping up) only serve hot dogs (original - chili, mustard, onions) add ketchup per request and cheese for .25 cents, drinks and chips. Period. Small hut, outside seating. Delicious!!
                        Weinerschnitzel does a good chili dog, but I prefer their all beef hotdog. Once again, I am more of a fan of their chili cheese friest (well done) than the dogs. I guess I am a big chili cheese fries person!!
                        Tommy's is good as well and as mentioned below - HUGE!
                        All of these places are different in their own way and are a matter of preference to each person's individual tastes. Try them out yourself and see which place comes out ahead!!
                        I have also had the chili dogs at The Hat which is okay and Wolfe Burgers (which by the way has a change of owner notice in the window) which I have no recollection of whether or not I liked.