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Jan 28, 2011 09:39 AM

30th Surprise birthday party!!

Hey.. I'm trying to throw my boyfriend a surprise 30th bday party in October and in New York.. The only thing is I have never been to new York.. Crazy I know! I need some suggestions for a venue.. I have found a couple of lofts but nothing that has caught my eye.. There is going to be approx 100 people comng.. I'm not trying to spend over a $1,000 dollars because I'm also taking him to Vegas right after..

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  1. With 100 people and only a $1k budget ($10 per person)... that is going to be really tough to pull off.

    Most caterers and\or hotels will charge you 4-5 times as much p/p for food not including alcohol and renting the venue.

    1. Are you looking for a place to gather where the guests pay for their own food & drink? I think that's the only way this would be possible.

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        Thank you all for you replies.. I'm only wanting to spend $1k just on the venue alone, not including food and drinks.. I found a loft in Midtown for $1200.. I'm going to have food catered by different companies..

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          Ah, alright then. Glad you found a place, and I hope the party is a great success.

      2. I read your post as looking for a space that you can rent for $1k, not a restaurant or other space that would include food in the $1k price (in part because, quite frankly, that's not happening). Given that, I'm not sure that Chowhound is necessarily the right place to look for lofts and party spaces. I'd head over to to look for a space, then check back in with the board to look for catering suggestions (which, as the other commenters note, will probably run several thousand dollars for 100 people, unless you're just ordering a bunch of pizzas).