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Jan 28, 2011 09:34 AM

Family friendly lunch Camp Hill/West Shore area

I know this is last minute, but I am looking for some suggestions for a large group of several families to grab some good food (and hopefully good beers for the adults) after snow tubing at Ski Roundtop tomorrow morning. I had already assumed that Appalachian Brewing Co. in Camp Hill would be a great option, but one family is coming from Baltimore, 2 from Lancaster, and 2 from E-town. Didn't know if there was someplace else that would also fit the bill a little closer to the major roads -- the 83/Turnpike interchange for example. Not that ABC is out of the way, or majorly inconvenient but wanted to try and come up with another option for everyone to choose from. Kids range in age from 5 to 18, with the vast majority being under 12. None are unusually picky, and a few are actually quite sophisticated. So the goal isn't hot dogs and chicken fingers, more about being relaxed and comfortable with a tolerance for noise and maybe a little mess.


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  1. The Pizza Grill in Camp Hill fits your needs. There are two locations, Lemoyne (no liquor license) and Camp Hill (full bar) The one in Camp Hill is located at 3817 Gettysburg Road, Camp HIll. It is close to Rt 15 and not too far from 83 (I think, Mr. CB is the navigator in the family.)

    We also like the Rock Bass at 461 South Front Street, Wormleysburg. The views of the river are nice and the menu is extensive, you will find something for everyone. The are two other restaurants, Dukes and something else, right next door. I haven't eaten at Duke's but the grandparents like it.

    It might not work for all travellers but I far prefer the Harrisburg ABC to the Camp Hill location.

    Roundtop recently completely renovated their bar and restaurant and it looks nice.

    1. Ski Roundtop now has its own gastropub, the Fireside Pub and Grill. Reports on the food range from mediocre to decent. Haven't been there myself.

      The stretch of I-83 near Ski Roundtop is pretty much of a restaurant wasteland. Probably the best place in that area is the Hillside Cafe in Etters--steaks, ribs, crab cakes, etc. They do have a bar.

      1. Thanks for the great suggestions, I will check out the menus. Will have to check with Mr. CPD - it is primarily his friends we are meeting there. Any thoughts about Gullifty's? Location looked good, but perhaps not family friendly.

        I agree that the Harrisburg ABC is much better, but Camp Hill is just the most convenient spot to Ski Roundtop, and while going into Harrisburg probably wouldn't bother the part of the group heading to Lancaster Co., it would be inconvenient to our Baltimore friends.

        I didn't even consider the on site dining options, since my memory is of bad cafeteria eats, thanks for the update.

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          Gullifty's might work. Also Coakley's in New Cumberland.

          It might make more sense for your group to drive south on 83 to York. It's closer to Baltimore. Rte. 30 from York takes you to Lancaster. The people from E-town can take 30 over the river and then take 441 to 743 right into E-town. There are a lot of places to eat in and around York. Unfortunately, I rarely go there, so am not the best person to make recommendations, but it seems to be the best location based on where your friends are coming from.

        2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up at ABC Camp Hill because Mr. CPD had doubts about taking everyone to a place we had never been.

          I really have to give Appalachian Brewing Co. and the crew in Camp Hill a major shout out, because they did a phenomenal job. We had 5 families, all arriving one after the other, the last family being 30 mins. after the first. We were 22 people in all. They pushed tables together into 2 lines, with the under 10 set (8 of them) at one group of tables, and the rest of us at another. They got the little ones served right away, and even brought them all little plates of crackers and orange slices, not to mention a ton of crayons and paper place mats to keep them occupied until their meals came while the older folks enjoyed beers and ordered. We were a tough group, and while our food certainly wasn't all able to come out at exactly the same time, orders were all correct and brought in a timely fashion. We didn't make any kind of reservation, because until we were in the parking lot leaving Roundtop, we weren't really sure who would want to go to lunch together. . . turned out that everyone did! But they welcomed us in and got us settled right away. The most amazing thing . . . upon arrival, they offered to give each family separate checks despite the fact that we were spread out all over the place. They assigned each seat at the tables a number, then just asked who was together.

          The beer was great, the food was tasty, the service went above and beyond. We all had a great time, and the tubing in this morning's snow was pretty awesome too!

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            We have a 5 yo and we often visit ABC (Harrisburg) for weekend lunches and yes, they certainly seem to know what they are doing with kids and groups. Good to hear it was a nice stop for everyone!