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Jan 28, 2011 08:17 AM

What are you cooking for your love one ?

Valentine's day is approaching and i am wondering what to cook for my husband on this special day. It is always such a pleasure to cook for someone you love because you want to give them the best, the ultimate meal and surprise them as well with your intention and devotion. I am thinking about Foie gras with a Boeuf bourguignon, and Champagne, bien sûr.

It is such an immense joy to cook for someone you love, because you know what they like and you also know what is going to be their reactions when you will serve the plate. Cooking for someone you love is certainly the best single act of unselfishness there is; you just want to cook and eat the meal that is going to put a smile and a lot of warmth in a heart you deeply treasure.

What is for you the ultimate meal to cook for someone you love ? Is it for your dad, your wife, your son, your boyfriend ?

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  1. by the time valentine's day rolls around, I'm usually beat from cooking 'cause I've spoiled my husband over christmas, our anniversary and then his birthday which all happen in January. But I do love cooking for him and when I want to do something special I try lots of thing.

    Always a favorite is Chocolate Stout Cake. He loves it.
    He's a big beef fan, so I'll do a filet with bacon, mashed potatoes and blue cheese.
    Sometimes I'll make him truffles, if I'm feeling really adventurous.

    Of course, even when I make him macaroni and meatballs he gets excited - so he's easy to please - another reason why I married him.

    1. I make lots of meals for my husband and do it out of love every single day. In fact, I'd have to say I cook with love every time. But my most recent experience with cooking for someone I love has been making food for my son who is quite ill. He can't eat the hospital food, so when he's in-hospital I generally take over 2-3 days worth of meals at a time, since he has a fridge in his room and the nurses are marvelous about warming it up for him and even re-plating it and storing the containers for next time. It has been a very different kind of cooking experience due to his limitations and appetitite, but I've never thought harder or cooked with more love in my heart. And I need to say, I got some of my best suggestions for just exactly what to make right here on the 'Hound.

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        Me, too - nearly every meal I cook I cook with love (unless I am ill). We eat very well at our house (I have all kinds of time to cook and much of the time I am in the kitchen most of the day) so many meals are "special" and well thought out. Not always, but usually. However, for Valentine's Day I am looking to my "French Laundry" for inspiration. I love detailed and complex recipes and techniques. If I could do more Heston Blumenthal recipes at home I would. My husband loves new and adventurous food which makes things easy. He is so appreciative and thankful and works so very hard - he is sooooo worth it. Some things I am considering from FL:

        Lobster Consumme en Gelee
        Artichokes Barigoule
        Sweet Potato Agnolotti with Sage Cream, Brown Butter and Prosciutto OR Chestnut Agnolotti with Fontina and Celery Root Puree
        Poached Moulard Duck Foie Gras au Torchon with Pickled Cherries OR Pan-Roasted Breast of Squab with Swiss Chard, Sauteed Duck Foie Grs and Oven-Dried Black Figs
        As my husband adores chocolate, Chocolate Fondant with Coffee Cream and Chocolate Dentelles for dessert.

        As we live thousands of miles from any Thomas Keller restaurants we may as well do it at home! Not quite the atmosphere, however...

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          ahhh, mamachef...I truly believe there is no cooking that is done with more love than that we do for our children. My 32-year-old daughter is thank god! healthy, but extremely picky, and I still make different meals for her. Now I do it for her children as well, and although this is sometimes met with disapproval from other family members,I don't care....and will continue to "cater" to my babies! Sorry that your son is so ill, and I can tell you, I would be cooking him whatever he would/could eat the same as you do. Sounds like he has some great nurses!

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            ooh, just read your post mamachef - mine (below) is along the same line. i forgot to say the same - how much the What's For Dinner thread inspired with delicious ideas of what to make her (she loved the Paprikash everyone was doing for awhlie!)

            You are still feeding your son your love, and I know he feels it.

            1. re: mariacarmen

              mc, it was YOU who actually gave me the final suggestion that got Mike eating again after a two-week hiatus, literally. The small, small portions (literally two-bite sized) of his favorite foods were not overwhelming to him; eating didn't seem like such a chore anymore. He liked the paprikash also and has asked for it since.
              chefathome: My GOODNESS you are ambitious. Everything you mentioned sounds just amazing. And you do this at home. I've been lucky enought to get to the Laundry (one time, one time only, folks) and the degree of specificity and precision there was enough to scare me off trying his many-componented recipes. Next time we're really flush, though......
              my hat is off to you.
              Sunflwrsdsh: Yep, I'll never stop catering to the people I love in my life. Everytime I go a-visitin' I get one major request from my kids..Matzo ball soup. Good thing I'm on excellent terms with my ex-, because it's his kitchen I cook in when I go to see them!
              Food is love, and food cooked with love is the best food in the world.

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                I completely agree, is love, and food cooked with love is the best food in thee world!

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                  mamachef - i am so glad i helped in some small (no pun intended) form. k know, it's wonderful to see them eat when they haven't been.

            2. i got into the habit of cooking my wife a filet mignon (her fave) for valentines day..
              i have done it several ways over the years and with several sides...
              one year was a wellington year just grilled with a little salt and pepper...
              one year with a blue cheese crusty topping...
              i have done asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
              her fave style of mashed potatoes...a baked potato..whichever way i can think of...
              or whichever side she likes...

              i agree its nice to see a well cooked and prepared meal eaten by someone who enjoys it..

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                I will cook myself, my wife, AND my dog, Filet Mignon EVERY DAY if I so please. That is my fave. Actually any not Mass Produced Extra, Extra, Lean Fresh Never Frozen Whole Cut of White Meat Chicken, White Meat Turkey, or Beef is great any day.

                The most important things are that they are seasoned well and cooked perfect. Better than ANY over salted, over seasoned, overly rich, bloodied, dropped on the floor food from a restaurant. & and from a Chef/Chefs who possibly loathes working on V-Day despite knowing the nature of thee business.

                1. re: JamesPapa

                  JamesPapa, it sounds like your doggy eats better than most people do! I love that you cook with such passion.
                  Oh, and if V-day is bad, Mother's day is worse. Brunch-city, baby; and it's hellish whether you're FOH or BOH.

                  1. re: JamesPapa

                    i do cook filet for her other times also....just that its her favorite if thats what she wants .....
                    yea..we got away from going out also...

                2. Absoluely nothing! He's a great cook, but just lazy. I cook all year. He makes me a delicious dinner, usually lamb chops or salmon on Valentine's Day.

                  1. i have to say, my best most recent "cooking for love" days were cooking for my mom, who was very sick. She lost her appetite a lot, and due to complications of the disease, could only eat things in very small bites, so it was a pleasurable challenge to see what tiny things i could create that would make her light up and tell you it was the most delicious thing EVER. she was appreciative of EVERYTHING. miss cooking for her so much.

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                        That small bites idea is genius. My husband was very ill as a teenager and it was remarked when he got a little better that he could cut a pea in two. Big amounts of anything can be daunting. Hugs.