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Jan 28, 2011 08:15 AM

Where can we eat a special dinner after 9pm on a Sunday night?

We're two couples who want to dine out in late March-early April to celebrate the birthdays of one of each of the couples. And we want to catch a movie before, so eat dinner at 9 or 9:15. Seems very difficult to do on a Sunday night. Toast is closed. Casbah, Eleven and Soba appear to close their kitchens at 9, and despite their boast about being open late, I think Salt is closed on Sundays. Any advice about elegantly presented, *good* food in the 'burgh?

229 South Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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  1. Late on a Sunday is generally a tough one, but I think there are a few options, even if they're not necessarily ideal. If you're not willing to do dinner before your movie, the following should be open on Sunday after 9pm, but I would certainly call to confirm and/or make a reservation:

    Habitat @ the Fairmont (
    )Original Fish Market @ the Westin (
    )Sonoma Grille (
    )Terrace Room @ the Omni William Penn

    The Terrace Room
    530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

    Original Fish Market
    1000 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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    1. re: skoledin

      Thanks very much for the suggestions; you really do know Pgh restaurants! I've heard about Habitat and wanted to try it.

    2. It would be difficult to find decent places where you can be seated after 9pm on a Sunday in most all cities our size. Having lived in both, it would be difficult to find "elegantly presented" food in Boston and DC outside of the hotels after 9pm on Sunday.

      I'd suggest Davio in Beechview, but there are no movie theatres near there so you'd have to have a lot of luck with lights and traffic.

      Btw, your choice of wording ("boast about being open late") seems gratuitous and unfair. It's not a boast. They're open till midnight 6 nights a week.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        You're right; I was unfair to Salt. Had read a review w/ interview with Kevin Sousa who said he wanted a place where servers could come after their shift. With Salt in mind, I thought we'd go there. Wish they were open Sunday; you read my grumpiness.

        As to restaurants open late: I don't know Boston, but you can certainly find good to excellent food in DC late on Sunday. Adams Morgan has only some good places, and a couple of Ethiopian restaurants come to mind. As to the films: we're attending a film festival organized at Pitt -- that's why we aren't doing something simple like choosing a different movie time.

        This gives the opportunity to check out Habitat, which I've wondered about. thoughts here?

        1. re: houndog

          I was reading "elegantly presented" as more linens and white aprons and whatnot. But yeah, places like Meskerem have their own elegance. Was thinking more downtown than Adams Morgan when I replied. With that in mind, how about a place like Silk Elephant, which would be easy to get to from Pitt?