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Jan 28, 2011 07:49 AM

Mexperts: El Regio/El Pollo Rico green sauce name in Spanish

In the above link you can have a peek at this delicious Monterrey style pollo asado that is served at El Regio and El Pollo Rico (and some other similar chains). I am interested in knowing if there is a special name in Spanish for the creamy green sauce that is served with it. Any other information about the sauce, is it particularly estilo regio and limited to that region?

The site I have linked says it is made with avocado, but the employees at El Regio and El Pollo Rico have told me it is not. I managed to replicate the sauce at home quite successfully with roasted peeled jalapeños, garlic, oil, salt, lime, and a droplet of egg yolk for emulsification. I called it 'mayonesa verde' as it is kind of like a mayonesa casera with chiles. At the restaurants, I don't believe they roast the chiles, and I am not sure how it is emulsified, but they say it is just mainly chiles and oil.

On chowhound I discovered that there are East Coast chains of Peruvian chicken places (I think that some are also called El Pollo Rico?) that look similar and they also have a special sauce called ají de huacatay, but this is not it.

I have asked the employees at El Regio and El Pollo Rico if the green sauce has any particular name. They just tell me it is called "la salsa verde" in Spanish. That is how they refer to it when they take your order, too.

Anyway, does anyone know if this delicious green sauce has a special name in Spanish? Other culinary info on the sauce? It is my favorite sauce in the universe and I would love to know more about it.


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  1. If it looks like aji de huacatay, I would have imagined that it was salsa verde con aguacate. Was it rich tasting? Perhaps mixed with jocoque?

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      It tastes like creamy, fiery hot liquidy chile mayonnaise. I don't think there is jocoque or crema mexicana in it. I believe the employees when they say there is no avocado in it. It doesn't taste like salsa de aguacate. It seems quite like the salsa doce chiles which DiningDiva posted about here recently:

      I am fishing for a name, it seems to be jalapeño and not serrano as in the video, though. It is quite hot but is not atomically hot like that sauce, either.

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