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Jan 28, 2011 06:17 AM

Foods that are Dallas & Area Specific?

Greetings from Canada! I am looking to cook up Superbowl foods for my friends and always like to try to re-create some of the hosting city's famous dishes. Suggestions would be great on types of dishes or famous restaurants that serve unique North Texas foods.
Thanks in advance and have fun next week!

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  1. Enchiladas with chili con carne with crummy margaritas made with syrupy sweet and sour mix and no noticeable lime or tequila. Mediocre chain hamburgers piled with flavorless cheese and bacon, with soggy french fries topped with cold, coagulated cheese. Brisket tacos served on stale flour tortillas for authenticity. Oven roasted "barbecue" doused in store bought barbecue sauce with no discernible smoke flavor. "Sushi" rolls filled with tempura bits, cream cheese, jalapenos, and whatever bits of randomness you can find in the back of your refrigerator.

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      Nailed it. Also gotta add dry rice, big hunks of cucumber, and sesame seeds generously sprinkled over "sushi".

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          Classic response and oh so true!

        2. Wow, regarding Luniz lawn, kindly get off of it!

          We obviously have lots of Tex-Mex here and those recipes are easy to find. Chili con queso will be at 99% of Super Bowl parties here, just don’t use Velveeta; you can do so much better with a little effort.

          Also, though, since deer and dove seasons have just ended you see those at Super Bowl watching parties at people’s houses.

          When I can procure these items, I go for venison chili (over tamales) and jalapeno and bacon wrapped grilled dove breast.

          Unfortunately we drink a lot of domestic beer down here, but some Shiner Bock would be an authentic, Texas touch.

          1. Being in Canada and assuming you're not going to tend coals to create a smoked brisket, season one up and cook it in the oven, also seasoned ribs or a pork butt (shoulder) and serve with your preference of BBQ sauces. As sides, add a pot of pinto beans, slaw and/or potato salad and a fruit cobbler as desert. Condiment bar of onion, pickles, jalepenos, hot/sweet salad peppers.........

            Cook a pot of beef chili - NO beans. Top the individual chili bowls with shredded colby or jack cheese, diced onion, jalapenos and if any need to tame the heat, add sour cream - serve with corn chips or a pan of buttered cornbread - which may or may not include whole/creamed corn, cheese, onion and jalapeno.

            Grilled Steak - thick steak, with baked potato.

            Chicken/Beef (skirt or flank steak) fajitas with grilled onion and green (bell) peppers (toppers the same as chili) or set up a taco bar.

            Beer and margaritas! Salud! and enjoy the game!

            1. If you can get some tortillas another thought would be to have a Taco party. It would be easy enough to make carnitas or super simple to make the ground beef variety. Then setup a taco bar.

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                All great stuff, thanks for the help guys.

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                  You can make Frito pie if you are doing chili. Real simple. Put the Frito in a bowl, top with chili (all meat - no beans), let your guests top with cheese (I like cheddar), diced raw onion, pickled sliced jalapeño, hot sauce, etc.