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Jan 28, 2011 04:29 AM

ordering from restaurants online

Has anyone ever used websites like,,, or the many other websites that allow you to order food online for delivery? I'm writing an article about ordering food online for my journalism class, and I'm interested in finding out (1) how people find the process of using these websites, (2) if they prefer to use online ordering over the traditional way of using a phone to place an order and why, and (3) if they're more likely to order from a restaurant if online ordering is available and why.

If anyone has any thoughts, please reply here. Thanks!

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  1. I'm in Manhattan, and I order most frequently from, although I've used as well. I very much prefer ordering online to ordering by phone. First, there's zero possibility of getting a busy signal, or being put on hold. Also, I don't need to be concerned about being misheard or misunderstood. Many of the restaurants I order from are run by people who speak primarily Chinese, Japanese or Spanish; it's easier for everyone if I just type my order. And I can more easily pay by credit card when ordering online.

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      Thank you, small h. I really appreciate your input. Do you mind emailing me ( your first, last name, and age so I can quote you in my story? It's not for publication, just for my class (unless it gets picked up by the Boston Globe for their YourTown section.)

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        Done. Please report back if the Globe picks up the story, and good luck with your assignment.

    2. I'm also in Manhattan, and also a huge fan of I've never tried I like SeamlessWeb because a) I feel like I've tried restaurants I would have never discovered otherwise, and b) I have food allergies, and it's much easier to make something like "no toast" clear in writing than over the phone.

      I never realized how reliant I'd become on the ability to order food online, until one day my favorite Thai restaurant wasn't available on the site (it turned out their internet was down and they couldn't accept online orders). I was incredibly thrown off by actually having to CALL them to place an order for delivery.

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        Thanks, whitneybee. When you called the Thai restaurant, did your order turn out okay? Did you have any frustrations with the over the phone ordering process (such as language barriers, being put on hold, etc.)? And after having to use your phone, did you immediately revert back to ordering online?

        Also, can you also email me your first name, last name, and age ( so I can quote you in my story?