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Jan 27, 2011 08:09 PM

Duck Fat?

I'm looking to do some deep frying with duck fat so I need to source a large amount. Gallon size? Any ideas of where I can find this? I've looked around extensively and all I've found is small pint or quart size tubs at ridiculous prices. Thanks.

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  1. I've bought some from the duck farmers at the Fort Greene farmer's market, Hudson Valley Duck Farm. While I've only bought small quantities I would ask them about buying in bulk. Brooklyn Larder and Eataly have it, but I have a feeling your price complaints are probably true there too.

    1. Can I ask what your cooking?

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          I got a gallon tub online - amazon has several vendors. have to check the shipping cost too.
          why are you using this for deep frying? I bet it will degrade and not be usable again.

        2. Ask Quattro's if they can help you out. Though their farm is Upstate, they have a stand in Union Sq on Saturdays. Maybe they can bring something down.

          Contact: Joyce Quattro

          Phone: Farm (845) 635-8202; Store (845) 635-2018
          Fax: (845) 635-8335
          Mailing Address
          Quattro’s Game Farm & Farm Store
          107 Tinktertown Road
          Pleasant Valley, NY 12569