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Jan 27, 2011 07:15 PM

Good custard pie in SFV/West LA area?

Such a simple food, yet so hard to find. At least in the Sherman Oaks/SFV area. Anyone know of a good place to get? Occasionally, Vons has it but not every store carries them.

Anyone know of a good custard pie?


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  1. Dupar's at the Farmers Market or Studio City.

    1. Four 'N 20, in Sherman Oaks and Valley Village

      1. Marie Callender's is good, although once in a while the custard is too watery and I would prefer without nutmeg on top.

        1. i second Dupars for Studio City. simple custard pie - very good.

          1. Gotta head downtown to Phillipe's for good custard pie, sorry.