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Jan 27, 2011 06:32 PM

Super Bowl XLV

Green Bay and Pittsburgh, hmmm.
We usually put together a Super Bowl spread with a theme. Last year with New Orleans was a snap. This year? Confusion reigns.
Maybe some cheesy polenta and short ribs?

What are you guys planning?

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  1. GB: Lots of brauts and saukekrat; cheese plate

    Pittsburgh: Make huge sandwiches with fries stuffed inside (Primonte's???? website for ideas)

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    1. re: gmk1322

      You're thinking of Primanti Brothers -- French fries and coleslaw. Heart attack on a bun.

      Pittsburgh has a pretty sizable eastern European population; think pirogies, stuffed cabbage, that sort of thing. And I'm sure you'd be safe on both side of the stadium with wings.

    2. Chipped Ham BBQ on Kaiser Rolls
      Bourbon Kielbasa

      1. The clock is ticking, the theme stuff is out the window.
        Here's the plan:

        • Lobster rolls. I'm boiling-up a batch tonight for dinner. Leftovers will be Sunday's stars.

        • Crab cakes. Not the big, fancy Baltimore cakes, rather the silver-dollar sized, Southern New Jersey guys sauteed in butter.

        • Baked clams. I cribbed a recipe from the Scotto family a long time ago. It's a good recipe.

        There'll be more, just haven't figured it out yet.

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        1. re: steve h.

          Any chance you'd share that baked clam recipe?