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Jan 27, 2011 06:24 PM

Noodle on 11

I just saw a favorable but limited review in the Washington Post. Does anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. so i ordered take out from here last week. i got the red curry and my friend got pho thai. the place is cute, similar layout to a sushi joint with the layout. it was packed at lunch time and looked good. i definitely say this is a sit down place rather then a to go place.

    my red curry tasted good but was all noodles. i thought it would be more like a soup but it was basically rice noodles with sauce. i got the veggie one but it was basically a few pieces of cabbage and carrot. i don't like that the price is the same for veggie or chix. i thought it was pricey for what i got.

    my friends pho thai was good. the broth and contents come separate. you put the veggies, noodles etc in the broth yourself. my friend liked hers. this would be ok for take out. again i think $10 for this is pricey.

    i give it a B. definitely worth checking out but i suggest dining in.

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      Thanks. Let's hope they get more generous with their vegetables.