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Jan 27, 2011 06:09 PM

fried chicken

In an old thread about chicken boxes in Baltimore it emerged that many of the favorite places were run by Korean families and that fried chicken in Korea is served with radishes. Fresh or pickled, anyone know?

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  1. In my experience it's pickled.

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    1. re: sweth

      Pickled, and it would be the Asian long radish, (Korean variant is fatter and shorter than the Japanese one) not one of your Western red and white round radishes.

    2. That would be pickled. Two main kinds of pickles radish. Yellow (I have no idea how it get yellow) and white. Yellow is used in gim bap and also served with Ja Jang Mein. The white version is served with chicken. Both tends to be sweet salty and sour. I just don't remember that much difference in taste between the two.

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        I believe the yellow is traditionally from a combination of persimmon and some green veggies. I've seen some bright yellow ones in stores that I'm pretty sure are just artificially dyed, though.

      2. So...which place has the best Fried chicken?

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          Assuming you're talking about Korean Fried Chicken, the standard answer (at least near DC--don't know about Baltimore) is Bon Chon. I actually liked the chicken at DaMoim at little better than Bon Chon (though I can't recommend much else at DaMoim).

          Bon Chon
          6653 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003

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            So now we're talking about the best chicken (I hoped we'd get there). Thanks for the radish info - I'm ready to try it at home. As to the best chicken: my personal issue is that for breasts I like a big salty and crunchy coating but for thighs I prefer a wetter more savory one. The result is that no place does it both ways. I have to pick one or the other. Sigh...

            1. re: conradical

              For the former, Flavors. For the latter, General Store. However I feel GS asks too much for theirs.