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Jan 27, 2011 05:19 PM

Recommendations for Dinner in San Jose- 8 people

I am taking a group of sales professionals out for a celebration in San Jose- but never been there! Any suggestions for a nice dinner Downtown or West San Jose? We are an adventurous group...

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  1. San Jose is covered on the SF Bay Area board. Best to try there for better responses.

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    1. I've only been to two places in San Jose, but you could try Original Joe's. I enjoyed it.

      1. Hi,
        Santana Row is essentially a very nice outdoor mall. They've made a point of attracting a few decent restaurants, which are long on style but only moderate in terms of food. It's a good bet for a "nice meal" in that it's clean and shiny. What's there is branches of local mini-chains, like Left Bank and Straight's. I loved Straight's in SF, but the other branches are pale imitations.

        "sales professionals" might like it.

        San Jose is known for Vietnamese food. Outside the downtown, like in Sunnyvale, Indian is very strong, and there are chinese and japanese standouts. Fine dining has some strong points, but primarily outside of the downtown. For example, the very amazing Manresa is a 17 minute drive (in clear traffic) from downtown - but it's easy to drop $300/pp.

        It'll help if you give some indication of the kind of food your group will like, exactly where you're coming from, how much you want to spend, and how you'd like to balance food vs atmosphere.

        The board hasn't been very active with San Jose residents recently, and I don't venture too far south of Rte 273 myself. Hopefully someone who eats in that area more frequently will respond.

        1. For business meetings, I've always brought people to The Loft. it's American food, decently done, with a nice atmosphere. Plus, it's right downtown and most people can find something they like there. I'd definitely recommend getting a reservation for a group of 8.

          If you're feeling like Japanese, Kubota in Japantown (just north of downtown proper) is good for a large group (make a reservation). It's another regular place I've gone for business dinners.

          If you're willing to leave San Jose, there's Dio Deka down in Los Gatos. I usually get the rack of lamb and I've never had a bad experience with the service.

          As bbulkow mentioned, Santana Row has good looks and atmosphere, but the food is really only decent there, and there's quite a bit of choice there. Pizza Antica isn't so bad, and Straits Cafe is super popular as well.

          Santana Row
          355 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128

          Pizza Antica
          334 Santana Row # 1065, San Jose, CA

          Dio Deka
          210 E. Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030

          593 N 5th St, San Jose, CA

          Loft Bar and Bistro
          90 S. 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113

          Straits Cafe
          333 Santana Row # 1100, San Jose, CA

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          1. re: staple

            The Loft is a good choice in downtown, I've been there several times and enjoyed it each time. Dio Deka is a wonderful place. If you don't like lamb, the mesquite roasted fishes are outstanding. Dio Deka is more formal and a little on the quiet and stuffy side, but pleasantly so. And, man, the food is good.

            1. re: bbulkow

              Well, it depends where you're coming from. If you come from anyplace with good Greek restaurants, like New York or Chicago or Detroit, skip Dio Deka (especially since it's far from the location you specified). Although perhaps it's gotten better since the original chef left.


          2. Paolos in downtown SJ is upscale Italian - classy.

            Moroccos, also in downtown, might be suitable since you say it's an adventurous group. It's a modest setting but serious Moroccan food and they really aim to please.
            They often have live music, too.

            And there's Michael Mina's Arcadia (upscale steak etc) in the downtown Marriott.