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Jan 27, 2011 05:13 PM


Where do people find mackerel? I see all of these great recipes - looking at the beet, celery root, and smoked mackerel in Plenty most recently. I live in LA, so it shouldn't be too hard to track down. But I can't find any kind of mackerel at regular grocery stores or Whole Foods. Actually, that's not quite true -- the WF fish guy went into the back where he pulled out a frozen pack of peppered mackerel at $17.99 for 12 oz. That seems a bit steep.

I'm eager to learn to use a new fish for me that seems to be gaining in popularity. But wonder where to find it. How much should it cost? Any favorite recipes?

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  1. Frozen Mackerel is readily available in every supermarket here in New Jersey, so it should be the same in California. Given the large Asian population in LA, I would suggest you go to any Chinese, Japanese or Korean market that has a a popular fish for Asian palates. Fresh Makerel is always under $3/lb at the local H Marts here. I believe the chain has stores in Los Angeles as well. At independent markets, it's not unusual to see the fish selling for $1.49-2.49 most of the time.

    As for a recipe.....I like to split them open and sread some Miso paste or Chinese Red Bean Paste on them and simply grill or broil. Indoors, pan searing or frying in a pinch.

    1. Fresh mackerel's available at every supermarket fish counter in the UK and, of course, is one of the most common fish available at fishmongers.

      I'm happy to eat it simply filleted and fried (or grilled). Pretty good baked whole, stuffed with herbs or as in this recipe -

      And this is pretty good if you're looking for a recipe with a bit of spice -

      1. Thanks guys. I will definitely check the Asian stores - not sure why I didn't think of that. But, it's not in any of the regular stores I frequent. I'm thrilled to see the price range as being less than I saw at WF! I suspected it might be more available in the UK as I see it in many of the British cookbooks.

        Those recipes look great. Keep em coming.

        1. I've only bought it at at the farmer's market. I imagine they have it in Chinatown but I'm not sure how to ask for it.

          1. A quick look at the wiki entry for Mackerel shows many species, I would want to be sure what I was buying. It is a fish best eaten VERY fresh, and I know that's true of lots of fish, but buying frozen you never know.

            The peppered mackerel at WF were probably smoked, a popular option in the UK and delicious though I prefered wthout the peppercorns.

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              Yep, smoked is very easily available in the UK, with or without the pepper. I use it for salads, sandwiches or turned into a pate (blitzed in the processor with creme fraiche & creamed horseradish)