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Jan 27, 2011 04:42 PM

Dried mushrooms

Where can I buy dried mushrooms. A regular supermarket should fit the bill if there is one that sells them.

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  1. What varietals? Porcini, Chanterelle, wild Morels or Chinese or Japanese Shitake?! First three, McEwan, Pusatari, All the Best, Bruno's even Longo's or Loblaw's superstore. The latter, every single Chinese supermarkets, T&T and Chinese dried seafood and Herbal store in most Chinese malls like Pacific, First Markham, Times Square....etc

    Porcini Restaurant
    900 Erie St E, Windsor, ON N9A3Y8, CA

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      Some Loblaw's stores carry Shitakes now with a blue and red logo (I didn't look closely), if you're not set on a certain brand.

    2. Metro has a nice variety, depending which location you go to.

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        There's a store at dundas and Spadina that sells dried black trumpets for 12.99/lb. I didn't notice them until today but if they're legit quality, that's a great price!

      2. I have recently found two different types of large plastic jars of dried mushrooms at Costco at amazing prices! Costco used to have these, but stopped carrying them for quite a while and now they're back. One jar is a blend of 4 different mushrooms and the other, I think, is porcini. I have the two jars near my stove and use them liberally in soups, sauces, rices, etc. It's a great find and a wonderful cost.

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          Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to Costco on Monday. Can you give an approximate guide as to which isle they are in? No staff to ask usually.

        2. I just bought a huge plastic jar of dried mushrooms at Costco. The Kitchener Costco has them and they are in the fresh produce isle with the potatoes, tomatoes, etc. It's from The Wild Mushroom Co and it's called "Gourmet Mix Mushrooms." It's a full pound (454 g) of dried mushrooms and includes 25% Porcini, 25% Shiitake, 25% Yello boletes, and 25% Oyster mushrooms. I don't know where you're located and if you could find them; but, if you're in the Kitchener area they definately have them. Oh yeah, and if I recall they are between $12 - $14 - a very good price for the amount you get!!!

          Porcini Restaurant
          900 Erie St E, Windsor, ON N9A3Y8, CA

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            Thanks. I go to the Warden and Ellesmere store in Toronto and I'll look in their produce area.

            1. re: Herne

              Also saw them in the produce area of the Mississauga north store...

              But, I think I saw them around the spice area of another store... so, best to look around if you don't see them around the produce area.

              If you are looking for something unique/local I would recommend the "Forbes Wild Foods" products mushrooms. You can order directly or find out details about locations on their site:


              1. re: ylsf

                My fiance is from a Chinese family and I think I'd be best off if I stuck to Chinese mushrooms as much as I can

          2. Apparently there is one mushroom that one should only buy dried. Massimo Dicapra mentioned it on Cityline one day but I didn't catch the name. Apparently if you buy these particular mushrooms fresh then worms end up coming out of them when you bring them home. Anyone know?