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Jan 27, 2011 03:10 PM

Korean takeout walking distance from Spadina and Dundas?

I've been craving some Be Bim Bap lately so I'd like to pick up some Korean takeout. I live near Spadina and Dundas, is there a decent, cheap place I can get Korean without having to walk all the way over to Koreatown?


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  1. Yummy BBQ is my FAVOURITE. Younge just south of wellesley. So cheap (the lunch special is like 6$ I Think) and I love that they have pictures of everything on the wall. It's next to Asian Bowl and looks slightly dodgy but I promise, totally worth it.

    I walk slowly and estimate no more than a 20 minute walk.

    Yummy Barbq
    522 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1X9, CA

    1. Not quite Spadina and Dundas, but HoSu at Queen and John has a decent bi bim bap, and it's under $10. While they're known more as a sushi joint, I personally think their Korean food is better than their Japanese.

      1. Hana Korea on Baldwin. Very cheap, and not bad for the price.

        Hana Korea Restaurant
        45 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA

        1. How about...

          Ka Chi - 8 St Andrews St in Kensington Market
          Ka Chi - 414 Dundas St W (E of Spadina)
          Seor Ak San - 357 Spadina Ave
          Owl of Minerva - Dragon City Shopping Mall (2/F Unit: A) 280 Spadina Ave.

          1. There are 3 places around that area. Owl of Minerva, 2nd floor of Dragon City, Ka Chi at Spadina and St. Andrew, and Seol Ak San at Spadina north of Baldwain, in ascending order of my preference. (probably descending order of price also, but not sure)