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Your favorite BYOW restaurant?

I have to say, I am quite enamored of this aspect of Quebec culture, especially since you usually get a very good meal. And though I don't do this sort of dining often enough---well, I mean the kind where I get to bring my own wine--I'd like to hear from you guys. Where are your favorite places for BYOW dining? I tend to like intimate and interesting. (From what I guess, that's probably 90% of these restos.)

Awaiting your responses....

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  1. Asian: Saigon palace, their pho and rice( They put spice in it, I taste some garlic in it, but its much more complex) are totally addictive.
    French: Le ptit Plateau. Confit de canard is great.
    Italian: Haven't been in a while, but on Chowhound recommendation, I tried Pizzaria Napoletana, which is probably not what your looking for, they have a quite lively atmosphere, but its quite delicious.

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      Oh, I am pretty much interested in all options. It's been a while since I've had "fancy" pizza so I'll make a note of it.

    2. - Restaurant Le P'tit Plateau
      - Le Quartier Général
      - O'Thym
      - Restaurant Christophe
      - Cinq Saisons (sushi in NDG)

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        I've heard interesting things about Cinq Saisons, and I heard that some of their staff comes from various Mikado restaurant. What's good to eat there?

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          All I know about it is that it's above my husband's cousin's tango studio. We've meant to try it every time we stop by to visit, but it hasn't happened yet. I'd be keen to hear what's good to eat there too.

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            I've only been twice (actually I may have done take-out once as a last-minute option) and not recently, so I couldn't comment on specifics but I do remember their specialty rolls being quite good. It's not the best sushi in the city, but it's the only higher-end byow sushi I know of, and everything I've sampled I seem to have enjoyed very much. The chefs/staff are all Japanese and preparation/presentation was very nice. The fish and seafood all seemed to be very fresh. Again, it's been a while since my last visit so that's about all I can offer other than to say that it's worth a visit for what it is... especially if you're dining with a larger group which makes the BYOW aspect much more fun and affordable than otherwise. If given the choice, I'd still rather eat at Jun-i or Mikado, but for a slightly less expensive and altogether different experience, C5 is a contender and shouldn't be written off. It's definitely worth a visit and typing this out has inspired me to return soon myself!

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              I'm a big fan of cinq saisons sushi for the quality of the food and the fact that its BYOW. The special rolls and dishes on the back of the paper sushi menu are all delicious - try the Rocky, Newton, Te Quiero and their veggie roll Gimme Five can convert even hardcore fish lovers. The Chocotuna (weird name, white tuna sashimi with grilled garlic) is yummy. BTW if you take out, try to pick it up since I heard that their delivery is painfully slow.

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              theres better byob sushi than 5 saisons for the same price. As someone who loves sake, I go to yuukai on Parc and Coba sushi on Laurier all the time.

            3. Since you seem to be looking for small, intimate and not very expensive places, one I'd highly recommend is the tiny Vietnames restaurant on Jean-Talon near St-Urbain, Nhu Y. You'll find threads about it and what to order on this board by typing in Nhu Y. Order the specialities on the back page of their menu.

              vanierstudent, I see two "Saigon Palace" restaurants here; one in old Chinatown on St-Laurent; the other up in Ahuntsic on Papineau. Which one?

              I'm very glad we have byow restos too, Peaches, though of course there are more than a few "souvlaki factories" in that category to avoid.

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                One of these days I will be able to score a reservation at Le Quartier General. So far, no luck!

                I remember walking by O'Thym when I first moved here and making a mental note of it. The mental note remained, but ability to remember it immediately as a dining choice has not.

                I think I would agree to avoid the "souvlaki factories" too!

                Le Quartier
                1001 Sq Victoria, Montreal, QC H2Z2A8, CA

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                  The one in Ahuntsic. Its a little hole in the wall next to a tshirt printing studio and a frig retailer. If you try it, the recommended dish are: Pho sate, which is the closest thing I've had to the thing that they sell in Cholong, and Pho, Rice with any of the meat, and Cha gio.

                  What type of vietnamese food Nhu Y is serving?

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                    Vanier, the best is to look up Nhu Y here - and also googling; you'll find a specific thread and other mentions here, and reviews from Voir, Hour, Mirror etc. You are probably far better informed about Vietnamese regions and styles than I am - all I can say is that we (3 friends) found it extremely good, and the owners very nice.

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                      The top dishes I have tried at Nhu Y are the Ban Xao, or this dish with shrimp over sweet potato lightly deep fried with a host of fresh herbs and salad leafs. You have a pair of scissors you cut your shrimp/s.patato then roll it with the salad then dip it in the fish sauce,,,excellent. The service is done by the owner a lovely lady. My favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Montreal.

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                        Yes, I dearly love their tiny restaurant; the couple who run it are very sweet. You certainly get your greens at that one! It is easy to overlook from the outside.

                  2. My friends and i all love Sushi Moushi on Decarie. It's not fancy and the service is slow but their sushis are really good and you have a nice selection of sushi's and side dishes. I see there is another location but i have not been to that one.


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                      Monsieur B's
                      Le ptit Plateau (two seatings...choose the later one)
                      Les Infideles
                      Les Heritiers

                    2. ...and one more: LaColombe

                      1. For Italian, I'd have to vote for Vivaldi in the West-Island (Gouin and Fredmir in the mini-mall). Reasonable prices, great pizza, and the best puttanesca I've ever had. Ask for their hot oil, but sample it before pouring it on as it varies from helpless to almost lethal.

                        The place is very busy on Friday and Saturday evenings. Note that they really screwed up on the acoustics of the walls and ceiling because this is possibly the loudest restaurant I've ever been in.

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                        1. re: Troy Mercury

                          Unfortunately, it has some competion on this list with Pizzeria Napoletana on Dante. I can't eat there for the life of me - tile walls and floors, lots of patrons.

                          Pizzeria Napoletana
                          189 Rue Dante, Montreal, QC H2S1K1, CA

                          1. re: lagatta

                            I gotta say Puca Puca was the most acoustically challenging restaurant I've ever encountered.

                            speaking of which... nobody ever mentions La Selva for BYOW... granted... it's been over 15 years since I've been there and as memory serves it was just.... meh...
                            nevertheless... it's still around and not one of the 450 brochetteries on prince A or duluth

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                            Any other ideas for inexpensive BYOW's - italian or asian?

                            1. re: tah1234

                              what's inexpensive in your book and what part of Montreal ?

                              My favorite place for being recognized everytime I go there and the quality of the food I order is Lombardi on duluth street. Altough I must admit that on my last 3 visits, it has been a hit and miss If Chef sylvie is not in the kitchen. Some of the cooks use to much cream sometimes. What I like about the owner and staff is that they wants to please you so he will fix things to make you happy. That's the key for me when I go there. I know I will be in good hands.

                              I never got this kind of service at the other places where they look at you as if you're alien and you are really bothering them if something is not to your liking.

                              Lombardi Restaurant
                              411 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A4, CA

                              1. re: maj54us

                                Good to hear that you recommend Lombardi. This resto was featured on the Living Social group buying website and I purchased a certificate. I may try to check it out this weekend.

                                I tend to define inexpensive as main dishes in the <$20 range. I am willing to go anywhere in Montreal to find a good place. Any other suggestions are welcome!

                          3. surprised no one has recommended Bleu Raisin yet. That, and ptit plateau are prob. my favorite french byob's in montreal.

                            for good super cheap india byob's check out jean talon in the parc ex area.

                            1. Greek: can't go wrong with Parthenon on Van Horne at Cote-des-Neiges (get me away from the Plateau . . . please!!) Their dishes aren't factory-Greek made by automatons and their tsaziki, no matter how many times I've tried to duplicate it, rules all tsaziki in the civilized world.

                              For Chinese, Peking Garden (Jardin de Pékin) on Queen Mary near Decarie is also quite tasty, though now you're limiting me -- if it wasn't BYOW only I'd much prefer Kam Shing at the Plaza Cote-des-Neiges -- and Peking are quick and very garlicky if you request it, which I do.

                              I would say hands-down the best Vietnamese BYOW is Cinq Épices on Jean-Talon. They're ultra-family-run, so if you ever have a problem, there's always Mom with her three kids sitting at a table very near you, their food is top-notch and they tolerate my jokes about which fish in their fish tank I want for sushi dinner.

                              Peking Garden
                              5339 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3X1T9, CA

                              Queen Mary Restaurant
                              5504 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3X1V6, CA

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                                tonbo, thanks for your recommendations, but please note that le Plateau is not just souvlaki factories and overpriced hotspots with an attitude - it is a densely-populated central Montréal neighbourhood with a wide range of restaurants and food shops. Plateau-bashing is rather ill-informed. Plateau extends up to Laurier, east to almost Frontenac.

                                I've never eaten at Cinq Épices - close to me and to Nhu Y - after comments that it was a generic Vietnamese brochetterie. So much the better if the comments are wrong.

                              2. Bitoque
                                3706 Nortre Dame West

                                Portugese, not the BBQ chicken type place, more like Ferreira style of food. Great menu, and service. It is located just west of Atwater near Rose de Lima. Very nice atmopshere with an open kitchen concept. I have recommended to several people and they all come back with good reviews.

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                                  Calling it Ferreira-style food is pushing things...no it's not BBQ chicken, but it's not exactly leaps and bounds above that - although the decor is nice...

                                2. I was at Les Infidèles in January for a Christmas party (group of 12). Many of us were generally disapointed with both service (absolutely terrible) and food (uneven and very underseasoned). Some dishes were good (the cerf), but some made no sense whatsoever (the warm scallops, served on an ice-cold plate with a fruit salad - just thinking about it makes me feel funny). On at least two occasions, some components of our dish were missing (the chocolate cake with maple crème brûlé was served without the crême brûlé, the scallops with coconut milk were served without any coconut taste, leaving them quite bland).

                                  It seems like a good deal since the menu sounds exciting and the menu dégustation is quite reasonably priced, especially since it's a BYOB. But then the kitchen doesn't seem to know what it's doing and clearly, no one's on quality control. Same goes with service. We had a reservation for 9 pm but our table only became ready at 9:45 (partially, no glasses or cutlery for half the table for a long while). We had to go wait in a bar accross the street for the table to be ready since the restaurant was too small for us to wait inside. What almost made me turn around and leave was, however, the server's reaction when we showed up at 9 asking for our table. He simply looked at me and said "Things happen". No indication as to when the table would be ready. It wasn't just that server either. When some of the people in our group switched seats the food got served to the wrong people (understandable). When I indicated to the server where each dish should go, her answer was "You're going to have to figure this out, 'cause I can't remember all this". No one was offered coffee or tea at the end ot the meal. Staff was actually nowhere to be found.

                                  1. Any new resturants to add this year? finding not too many that are open on a sunday, or for lunch on weekends.

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                                    1. re: Pigurd

                                      I tried le Smoking Vallée in Saint Henri on Notre Dame this summer and was really impressed!

                                        1. re: sophie.brunet

                                          I tried it as well. It was a bit pricey (even for a BYOW) but very good.

                                          1. re: SourberryLily

                                            I agree. The price point is a bit high and doesn't offer higher quality than other BYOs. On my last visits the table d'hote option was a bit pointless - the savings were minimal if any. The Quartier General model is much more enticing to me: add $12 to the price of a main to get a starter, appetizer, and dessert. This typically works out to <$43, and with superior food IMO. I know it isn't a new restaurant anymore, but it is open Sundays.

                                            1. re: Fintastic

                                              Totally agree with the table d'hote comment.
                                              We tallied the Table d'hote's price with that if we ordered individually, and it was little to no savings. To be more specific: If you ordered exactly those items you barely saved any money, in reality it looked like you got the trou normand free. If you ordered exactly what you wanted a-la-carte, then you likely ended up saving money. So i ended up ordering just my main dish with no appetizer.

                                              I think they should rethink that aspect and they would end up making more money, i would've spent a little more if i thought it would be a good deal.

                                              That being said, i did love their tuna tartare.

                                        2. re: Pigurd

                                          Had a great meal at Les Heritiers in June. The course menu is a great bang for the buck, three (or was it four?) courses with your choice of starter and main. Everything tasted delicious, and portions were huge. I liked this place better than P'tit Plateau, or Khyber Pass, both BYOW.

                                          1. re: looosia

                                            I will say I visited Les Héritiers to check it out for a group meal, and it had gone up in price very much. That is not a judgement; the space has been beautifully renovated and the menu looked very good indeed, but it was too expensive for our group. It is certainly a lot more expensive than Khyber Pass, but it is more classical French/Québécois cuisine.

                                            It was a very lovely place; if we on average had had a higher budget, we certainly would have chosen it. Important not to confuse apples and oranges.

                                        3. I just wanted to point out that Di Vito, a small, simple Italian restaurant on Parc in Mile-End that we liked when we ate there (a couple of years ago) has become a BYOW, making it interesting as a budget place. What we ate (don't remember) was pleasant, but don't expect cutting-edge food; it is "old school". Small and cosy; not noisy when we were there.

                                          Di Vito
                                          4815 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, Québec H2V 4E7
                                          (514) 272-0550

                                          SAQ Sélection Laurier is nearby, as is a SAQ Express on Mont-Royal between Clark and St-Urbain.