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Jan 27, 2011 01:40 PM

Cactus tacos kinda bland

I cant be picky at 2:30am but 2 in the afternoon is a different story. I kinda "went for it" and ordered up a mess of tacos. Asada, Pastor, cabeza Birria and a chorizo quesadilla - and except for the cabeza and chorizo, everything else was kinda bland. Asada was minced to the point where it resembled ground beef, and the pastor spit looked like it hadn't run for months. The chorizo quesadilla was the best thing by a mile though. Funny how this place seems to get high accolades - maybe its just drunk yelpers.

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  1. what place?

    eta: nevermind. i thought OP was eating nopales (cactus) in tacos. there was no restaurant linked or address. carry on.

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    1. re: Jelly71

      I believe the title says Cactus Tacos, so I assume that's where the OP went to eat.

    2. Pastor spit is run every day, probably just not at 2:30am. PS don't try to take your contacts out after eating their tacos!! Fair warning.

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      1. re: rezpeni

        the spit was not running. it wasnt just not on - it was partially unassembled.