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Jan 27, 2011 01:38 PM

Quality, reasonably-priced mail order kosher meat?

We've been getting our meat from Golden West Glatt for a couple of years but as has been mentioned in other posts on this board, they seem to be out of business or at least not currently selling/shipping meat.

We can get to a kosher butcher if we drive about an hour. Their meat is fine but we found the grass-fed Angus beef from Golden West to be much better quality. Their prices and shipping were reasonable and while we probably didn't save money using them vs. driving to the butcher, we probably weren't spending more either.

Are there any other reliable online sources for grass-fed kosher Angus beef? Or any other mail-order meats that are of comparable quality?

FYI, we have no problem with non-glatt with a reliable certification, but that's hard to find. But if you have a place you know off, don't refrain from recommending it because it is non-glatt.

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  1. Kosher + Grass-fed Angus + overnight shipping = mortgage payment.

    Try here:

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      I don't need overnight. The Golden West meat was sent by regular Fed Ex and always arrived in good shape. Even factoring in the cost of shipping I don't believe it was that much more expensive than meat from the nearest butcher. But I will look at the link you posted, thanks.

    2. We order from Kol Foods ( ). In addition to beef, they sell poultry and lamb. All their beef (including Angus) is grass-fed and raised on pasture. You can definitely taste the difference vs commercial feedlot beef, plus the family farms they work with ensure humane treatment of the animals. Not sure if you like lamb, but we have been thrilled with the lamb we order from them. It is definitely somewhat pricier than standard butcher fare, but personally, I've found it to be very worth it and not bank-breaking.

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        We bought from Kol Foods once and the meat was very good. But soooo expensive! And at the time you had to buy a "box", not individual cuts. I remember we bought a box that included two roasts totaling six pounds or something like that. We kind of expected two three-pound roasts but wound up with one roast that was really big and one that was tiny, which doesn't work well for us because it's just the two of us.

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          Hi - Yes, we used to order from them when it was like that and the inability to order exactly what you want was the biggest downside. They have grown, and now offer more specific cuts, at different weights, which is definitely an improvement. Still pricey hope is that if enough people order there will be economies of scale and the prices will go down!

      2. We used to order a forequarter from Superior Kosher Meats in Detroit. They would cut it exactly how we ordered, freeze it and ship air freight to Oakland International, and we'd pick it up there and bring it back to Sonoma County (when we lived there). Everything from the shechita on happened under their control, from what I understand, and the prices were cheap even factoring in air freight.

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          1. Is anyone familiar with All in Kosher or Kosher Meat Store? Both have free shipping.

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                Any chance of seeing A & H BISON deli or hot dogs again? Or bison in any form, for that matter?

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                    Was this meant as a response to my question about bison?