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Jan 27, 2011 01:33 PM

Craft Steak

Dinner Wed night with my son

Had the Delomionico (Harris farm) for two...OK but I had a lunch at Peter Lugars in Brooklyn a few months ago which was much better...some gristle...and I have never had any gristle on a delmonico...there isn;t seriously made me question the cut...wou;d not trust this selection again...did not look like a delomonico.

Fries ...excellent
Bernaise...solid b plus
Salad...arugla...nothing else...sour vinaigrette...c minus...only cause it was fresh
caesar was ok...same exact thing as Popstrio...but had more dressing
Asparagus...OK...but thin like I get at the supermarket..noting spcial

We drank prices are stupidly overpriced (not a surprise)...example...bottle of Goldeneye (Duckorn Vineyards)...I just bought four bottles for $120...$275 each at Craft...sucking the life out of the tourists...the people next to me spenty almost $1000 dollars on two bottles which I know together go for under $100 retail...I felt sorry for them.

Can;t wait to get back here

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  1. I'm assuming that your "can't wait to get back here" is sarcasm, no?

    We had a great meal there a couple years ago (on Thanksgiving), where I felt like we were treated as friends of the house (given a tour of the kitchen and meat locker, extra nibbles here and there, and a signed copy of one of TColl's books).

    Sorry yours did not turn out as well.

    1. Had a great dinner here as well last month.
      Made reservations a week in advance but had to move the time a couple of hours later on the same night without any problems.
      Service was excellent courtesy of Marvin who claimed to be the headman on the floor.
      We knew we wanted the braised short ribs and the Salmon. Marvin suggested getting the $110 prix fixe and that he'll take care of us by giving us some extras. And sure he did. Had white wine to accompany our salad , unlimited red to go with the main course with side spinach, mashed potato and farro, plus dessert. Was it expensive? By my standard it was. However, we were in Vegas and it was to celebrate wifey's b-day. So, it was a great experience that made the night memorable.Very much worth it, I should add.