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Jan 27, 2011 12:39 PM

Mexico City restaurant that isn't Pujol

Hi everyone,

I've been to the DF a few times and have tried Contramar, Pujol, and Biko. Biko was a bit disappointing in terms of service. We had the tasting menu and they didn't really explain to us what we were eating (seemed easier to just have the menu in front of us).

Anyway, I loved Pujol the most. I was wondering if anyone has other recommendations similar to Pujol? If not, I'm definitely OK with having a second go at Pujol :)

We will be staying in the Polanco area for two weeks but only want to splurge on one really nice meal.


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  1. JASO ( not just the love story between the two chefs - the food is incrediblly good and super presentations- don't pass up the dessert tasting menu...

    Another good and new place is Azul in Condesa - Chef Ricardo Munoz Zuritas Cafe azul y oro transported to the Condesa, hence the name. Same prices as the UNAM - but beautiful setting and a complete bar!
    On Av. Nuevo leon #68 - not to Be missed - his Alma Jarocho festival with foods of his native Veracruz.

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    1. re: Ruth in Condechi

      Re JASO: read more here:

      This is not Mexican food, but very sophisticated high-end American food with a little bit of Mexican flavor twist. It's just gorgeous and the food and service are miles above outstanding, you simply cannot go wrong.


      1. re: Ruth in Condechi

        I decided to invite a friend to Jaso for her birthday and I know it's not going to be exactly low cost, but I would appreciate any help I can get to budget for this experience!
        We will probably not drink any wine, and I expect we'll have a main dish each, and possibly two desserts or one dessert and one appetizer.
        Thank you in advance, and also thank you Cristina for the useful blog post (that was in fact the reason why I chose this birthday gift for her) :)

        88 Newton, Mexico City 11570, MX

        1. re: veryconsumista

          I hope you read this in time...we've been out of town and just got home. I would say a budget of 2000 pesos should cover your meal at could be less, if you decide not to enjoy a glass of wine. Be sure to make reservations. Have a wonderful time! And by all means post back.

          1. re: cristina

            Thank you, Cristina!!! It is definitely helpful. I haven't gone yet (buuuudgeeeet), but I will make sure to post back once I've done it :)

        2. re: Ruth in Condechi

          great to hear about Azul. couldn't find the time to go to UNAM last time i was there.

          this new location is much more convenient.

        3. I second the suggestion for Azul. Outstanding! I loved the Pescado Veracruzana.

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          1. re: foodinspace

            I'd recommend Dulce Patria, Martha Ortiz's new restaurant. It's in Polanco off Masaryk and Anatole France, inside the Las Alcobas Hotel. I've been twice and enjoyed it both times -- fantastic cocktails (you have to get the guanábana margarita), upscale setting. The menu doesn't toy with molecular gastronomy as much as Pujol's does, but the food is solid and well-prepared. It's Mexican with a creative twist from Martha.

            1. re: danebaxter

              I was at Dulce Patria a couple of weeks ago. Outstanding, definitely go. P.S. EVERYONE except us got the guanabana margarita. It's a frozen concoction, fyi.

              Also went to Azul y Oro for comida. It is as advertised.....not at all fancy, lovely staff, and truly wonderful food - huge flavor.

            1. re: Strangewine

              Café Tacuba can be a lot of fun--especially on a Sunday for late breakfast--and is certainly worth a visit, but IMHO it is in no way up to the culinary level of any of the other restaurants mentioned in this thread.


              1. re: cristina

                I agree with Cristina, I don't think that the food at Cafe Tacuba is any good though it's a very pretty place

            2. Dulce Patria. Best upscale meal we had in MEX.

              1. Como restaurant is my favorite, its located in Aristoteles between Horacio y Homero, about 3 blocks from Polanco hotels area, probably the best restaurant in mexico city.

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                1. re: danielinmex

                  for mexican high end pujol, dulce patria and azul condesa are great.
                  jaso and bike really good high end places
                  el cardenal (3 branches) amazing good traditional mexican food, with good quality and very low cost
                  also for good tapas try jaleo in polanco
                  puntarenas and contramar for fish both great (first in palmas second in cibeles)
                  also really worth going la rosseta in la roma, high end and good prices make sure to book for dinner always full

                  1. re: danielinmex

                    I would also appreciate an update on this one. pujol is booked weeks in advance, nice enough but an up to date stable of alternates will be appreciated.

                    I am looking for similar eats for tonight , coming from San Francisco so looking for something with local flair not just international standard.

                    hints appreciated, but honestly expect that I am on my own. Will report.

                    1. re: bbulkow

                      I live in the DF. Some of the better places that we frequent are not open for evening meals. If you're in the market for a great comida, try Nicos or El Bajío in Azcapotzalco.

                      For tonight, try:
                      Dulce Patria
                      Azul/Condesa (the Azules have the same menu, different locations--you will want a reservation at either)

                      I'd go for Azul/Histórico for the marvelous setting as well as the delicious food. Don't miss the black mole--either with chicken breast, chicken enchiladas, or drizzled over the buñuelos de pato.


                      1. re: cristina

                        Azul historico is great, amazing place
                        If you want something more modern ill go for quintonil or raiz both top notch meals

                        1. re: cristina

                          We were very impressed with Nico's, not for the decor, which is muted and sober; more for the service, which is expert; but, above all, for the food, which was exquisite and unique in many ways.


                          1. re: Anonimo

                            Nicos is not open at night. It's surely more than worth going to for comida! But muted and sober? Hmm...not the Nicos I know!


                            I'm sorry, I am not familiar with Morablanca. I've never even heard the name mentioned around town. I just looked it up on give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. I wouldn't bother.

                            1. re: cristina

                              I find Chilango's star system quite arbitrary and unreliable. On Foursquare Mora Blanca has 7.7 out of 10, which is neither great nor bad. But then Foursquare ratings aren't entirely reliable either, however when I do see a high rating there I pay attention. At any rate I haven't heard anything about Mora Blanca myself either.

                              I second all of cristina's suggestions. Another option that comes to mind is Maximo Bistrot. They're open until 11.

                              1. re: cristina

                                "Muted and sober", in my opinion, as compared to, for example, the decor of El Bajío on Av. Cuitlahuac, not far away.

                                Whatever, I was appreciative that the food, both in presentation and taste, was so good, without external distractions.


                            2. re: cristina

                              thanks !

                              Quinton is booked

                              Amy thoughts on
                              morablanca? it and some others are mentioned in a bon appetite article from a few months ago.

                              1. re: bbulkow

                                I will go to raiz, a little far (satelite area) but your best bet if you want high end fine dipnnign mexico food (he is an ex-el bulli) so.... It is well worth the trip
                                Remember to get the tasting menu