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Jan 27, 2011 12:37 PM

LeCreuset Prices set to go up Feb 1st

Was told yesterday by someone that LeCreuset is set to have a price increase Feb 1st

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  1. Can you clarify who told you that (e.g., was it a Le Creuset person), and is this an across-the-board increase or just at certain retailers? Thanks.

    1. C'est encroyable, considering how marked DOWN it is everywhere these days and the stiff competition in ECI from the Far East. The trendy color thing will only work for them for so long...

        1. I heard the same argument years ago at several retailers. I don't know the annual price increase is an across- the-board. Frankly, I did not pay attention to the MSLP much. The final price ( after discount) always matters to me :)

          1. I'm glad I bought as much as I need last year.

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              Yes. Agree. The deals on Sonoma Green and Indigo last summer/fall were really good. For LC, closeout color deals at outlet are the sweetest.