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Jan 27, 2011 12:27 PM

Tips for Sustainable (and Good) Catering Food in the Twin Cities

I don't know if people have had to arrange catering food for large events (200+ people).

But do any Chowhounds have any good experiences to share regarding tasty catering experiences in the Twin Cities?

Often times catering food is "blah" and does not try to be sustainable or even source regional products. I know Chowgirls get rave reviews. But any other foodie picks?

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  1. Have to say I haven't looked any farther than Chowgirls. They are great, delicious, and always work with my situation and budget. Their sustainable focus is direct and honest.

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        1. Another vote for Chowgirls. I've not been to an event they've done that hasn't been outstanding.

          I'm at a loss to think of anyone that can compete that isn't a proper restaurant.

          1. You can also check in with Laura Bonicelli, who runs (and is) "Solo by Bonicelli". She started out with home meal delivery. Pretty high end stuff, but custom prepared, delivered to doorstep, using mostly local and sustainable ingredients. When available, she does a lot of farmer's market shopping, and uses a lot of locally sourced or sustainable suppliers, like Larry Schultz and Thousand Hills. She then expanded into catering, and has done some pretty big affairs in town.

            It would be worth giving Laura a call to see what she can do for you; if for nothing else you'd have something to compare Chowgirls to. She has a few ideas of catering menus on her website. I've had some of the dishes on there, and I can personally vouch for their deliciousness (the seared ahi tuna salad is awesome, as is the lemon pasta).