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Jan 27, 2011 12:06 PM

Seeds for the spring - Spices

Hello everyone,
After many years in a small apartment and after 2 summers of demo and reno and rebuild I am eagerly looking forward to my first summer in my garden. Of course I am going to grow tomotoes, basil, green peppers, garlic and the rest of the usual suspects but I would also like to grow some of the more exotic spices.

I am going to be able to find Jalepenios and habaneros at the garden center but what about poblano chili peppers or Cumin - Cuminum cyminum? Does anyone know where I could buy the seeds online? Since neither of them are native to Canada would they cause a problem coming in as a foreign species?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Richters (, which happens to be in Canada is a great source for herbs of all kinds, common and exotic.

    1. Poblano peppers aren't any more exotic or difficult to grow than regular Bell peppers. If your garden centers carry Jalapenos & Habeneros, they should carry Poblanos too. If not, the seeds are really easy to find - along with all the other chilis.

      1. A couple of my seed catalogs are carrying cumin seed for planting- Southern exposure being one and Peaceful valley being another....if yer looking for weird, interesting and sometimes crazy never- see- it- anywhere stuff, i'd also recommend looking at Bakers creek.
        Peaceful Valley
        Southern Exposure
        Bakers Creek

        1. Botanical Interests has poblano/ancho seeds, as well as many flavored basils and other aromatic herbs. The cumin they had slated for this year had a crop failure, but cilantro and dill, Itlaian parsley, fenugreek, fennel, shiso, are some other herbs they carry.