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Jan 27, 2011 12:00 PM

Catfish made into imitation crab?

Long ago I was given a recipe for catfish. It was boiled with old bay seasoning and a blend of spices and sugar. I've lost the recipe and I have a lot of catfish stocked up. Kinda tired of baked and bbq catfish and wanted to try it out as an imitation crab. Does anyone have this recipe or a recipe for turning catfish into mock crab?

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  1. Search "How to make" surimi or kanikama.

    These are both fish pastes used in making artificial crab meat. Pollock is the most widely used fish, but apparently sardine, mackerel, barracuda, striped mullet, threadfin bream, Atka mackerel, hoki, blue whiting, Pacific whiting, and cod are also used. Give it a try with catfish.

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      not quite the same thing. I've made surimi already, but I was looking forward to trying this varient from the south.