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Jan 27, 2011 11:52 AM

Soho Beach house.

Has anyone had access to Cicconi's, any comments? I hear the public can dine at Cicconi's.

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  1. Raisel>

    Cecconi's is open to the public. Food is delicious and the space is lovely for dining alfresco but REALLY expensive considering Miami Beach is filled with really strong Italian restaurants at all price points. I'd recommend this for a romantic date night. The crowd on weekends is very See&beSeen so perhaps do a weeknight instead. If you like to cook as much as I do, stop back and see the open kitchen at Cecconi's - it is stunning. I saw all the copper pots (my obsession) and nearly wept. The chef is lovely to talk to...


    1. I did not enjoy Cecconi's. We ate there as part of friends for cecconis and ordered a million things on the menu. The service was TERRIBLE. They were very nice and apologetic but just totally bad. I have nothing positive to say about the food. It wasnt BAD, it just was completely boring and lacked little creativity. That being said, its a beautiful space... totally romantic and relaxing. I would go for dessert and coffee.

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        @Morgan, first you went for the friends event and have not been back not fair to the establishment. Dont expect you to be a food critic but it is def worth another visit It is an opportunity to work out the kinks and shouldn't be shot in the foot for that. I have been a few times and actually have been impressed the staff and management pay to the table. I came also to a friends & family dinner and was expecting they typical required hotel restaurant and have been impressed every time from breakdpfast to lunch and dinner!

        The menu is not reinventing the wheel, but does have great highlights. The pasta bolognese is one example, but a good Italian restaurant is not a standout if they can't do that well. Their beet salad is very fresh and a go to when I want something local.

        The one thing I am happy to realize on subsequent visits is that their red meat menu was way too expensive and was edited. I say go and attempt to touch the clouds, you won't crash and burn upon re-entry with this one.

        1. re: jmdhsmiami

          Thank you, we have a reservation Friday for dinner and we are looking forward to it...............We like to try new places that sound like fun with a pretty room and of course decent food. If the restaurant is not to our liking, we do not return.

          Will post our review.

          1. re: jmdhsmiami

            I actualy have eaten there another time so I think my opinion is relatively fair. I ate there with a food critic and I doubt she would return willingly. I do agree that a restaurant should have the opportunity to work out kinks but it had been open for sometime when we went and I do not think that more time will bring creativity to this menu. If a restaurant is inviting local foodies for a promotional event, they should really get their act together, otherwise what is the point.
            Also, i found the prices expensive for the food offered. If I want to pay that kind of money for basic Italian cooking, there are several other restaurants I would prefer, including casa tua, macaluso's, il gabbiano, or la loggia.
            Also, in miami beach most hotel restaurants are not typical. They are competing with John Deluca at the Raliegh, Scarpetta, Hakkassan, Solea, asia de cuba, etc etc as nearby hotel restaurants... so, my feeling is that the restaurant has to seriously step up its game if it wants to attract local (non-members) looking for a delicious dinner.