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Jan 27, 2011 10:36 AM

Kosher in DC

Once again I must call upon the help of my fellow chowhounders for help.

I was looking for Kosher place in DC. Only saw Eli's and a Krispy Kreme in Dc itself.

Is there anything else in DC? and is it worth it to go to Silver Spring or somewhere else local?


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  1. A post from YESTERDAY, containing links to several threads from the last six months:

    No, there is nothing else in DC itself.

    1. "is it worth it to go to Silver Spring or somewhere else local"

      This is a judgment call.

      Eli's is right in duPont Circle, will deliver to a hotel room, and had good bugers, sandwiches and grill. It's casual, but you do see people there with colleagues. I find that this often works, depending on the colleague and the needs of the moment.

      Pomegranate is an upscale choice. the food and ambiance are very nice. But it's a bit of a schlep.

      Both choices have been discussed fairly extensively in previous threads. There is no single answer that suits all situations.

      Of course, Jack Abramoff did try to build a kosher table cloth place downtown where a K Street lobbyist could be proud to take a client to lunch. We all know how that ended...

      1. A new restaurant at the DC JCC is supposed to open soon, so that might be an option for you. There's also Maoz.

        1. I went to Eli's twice last week with my family. The food was quite enjoyable from soup to dessert. The presentation was fine esp for the type of restaurant that it purports to be. The service is good ,staff very pleasant. This is esp notable as we were during a snowstorm ;no one was rushing us out when we left at 8pm. I would heartily recommend this place and look forward to going back when I go back to DC. It is a 20 min metro ride from downtown. IMO it is not worth the hour plus drive to Baltimore or 45 min ride to Silver Spring.

          1. Eli's owns a small falafel stand next door to the real restaurant. All of the kosher restaurants in DC and the greater DC area are listed at It depends what you are looking for. Ben Yehuda's has great pizza. The Chinese place is decent. Pita Hut is great. (Oh and Eli's is centrally located in DC. Within DC it's no more than a 6 or 7 minute metro stop from anywhere.