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Jan 27, 2011 09:05 AM

BBQ and beer in San Antonio

I have a barbecueing friend from Ohio who will be in San Antonio in a couple of weeks, and is looking for a place to get together with some associates. He asked me fror a recommendation for, in his words, "GREAT BBQ - Cold Beer and casual atmosphere". Thought I'd turn to my fellow Chowhounds. Anyone got any good ideas?

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  1. The best BBQ in SA is at Two Bros. Smokehouse.

    This is THE authority on BBQ. He recommends another place in town as well. I tried them and thought it wasn't as good.

    Nothing special about the beer there, but it will be cold, and from Shiner.

    1. Try also Blue Star Brewing Company. Excellent microbrew beers made in house, and very good burgers. But they don't do ribs and chicken as far as I know. Also, live bands on many nights add to the great casual atmosphere.

      1. Drive to the City Market in Luling. Best barbecue in Texas, and a nice side trip for your Ohio friend -- let him/her see the True Texas. There's nothing like iti in OH, and he/she will love it. Well worth the drive.

        Get someone else to drive back.

        City Market
        633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

        1. Harmons BBQ in Cibolo is the best. Great atmosphere that seems like the Old West.

          Old West Cafe
          711 N 5th St, Sanger, TX 76266