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Jan 27, 2011 08:07 AM

Madrid in Feb??

My husband and I are planning on being in Madrid mid-February.

We are planning on a couple of special meals - but want to pick the right spots.

Looking for feedback on the following:

Ramon Frexia

El Chaflan

La Terraza del Casino


All well known - just wondered which were best bets. And lunch or dinner??

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  1. I went (for dinner) to both Ramon Freixa and La Terrazza in 2010. Both were excellent.

    La Terrazza is the more formal and has an excellent wine list. The food is also good but it occasionally features more 'gimmick' than taste. It left me with the feel of a 'modern restaurant' but without a sold link to place (i.e. Spain).

    Ramon Freixa is also modern, but seems to have a closer link to a Spanish tradition. Certainly the dishes were also 'modern' but seemed (to me) to be new versions of traditional cuisine. Unfortunately the wine list was a little spare - nearly all very young wines. But it seemed to be a place 'on the way up' - my impression is that, if I go back next year (say) Ramon Freixa will have evolved further.

    But I'd recommend both wholeheartedly.

    I haven't been to Zalacain recently - but I recall it being more traditional than either of the above - Old World vs New World (but again a superb wine list).

    Haven't been to El Chaflan.

    All my visits were for dinner, so can't help with lunch.

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    1. re: estufarian

      Thanks - that's very helpful info!

      I just made a dinner reservation at Ramon Frexia and I have a feeling we will try to go to La Terrazza for lunch. I've read that the view is spectacular.

      This is our first time in Madrid so any other suggestions of places that you think are worth a visit would be great! We are staying in the Salamanca district but I hear it is pretty easy to get around the city.

      1. re: hb3749

        My recs at Barrio de Salamanca:
        Casa Rafa at Calle Narvaez 68. Open on Sunday. Casa Rafa is not fancy but they serve the best shellfish in town. The 'jamón ibérico' and the 'ensaladilla' are also pretty good.
        Tapas: 'salmorejo' at Taberna Laredo (Calle Menorca 14), tortilla and pincho de solomillo (sirloin snack) at José Luis (Calle Serrano 89), croquetas at Puerto Lagasca (Calle Lagasca 81), wine bar Arzabal (Calle Doctor Castelo 2), assorted tapas at Jurucha (Calle Ayala 19), Estay (Calle Hermosilla 46) and Hevia (Calle Serrano 118), prawns at El Barril (Calle Alcantara 30).